“We forgot the victims of the biker war”

« We forgot the victims of the biker war » < /p> UPDATE DAY

The death of Maurice Boucher is far from saddening many people forever marked by the biker war.

“It’s sad! [laughs] No, that's not true! » Isabelle Daoust spontaneously launches, when Le Journal informs her of the death of Maurice “Mom” Boucher. 

His mother, the prison guard Diane Lavigne, was killed then that she left the prison of Bordeaux 25 years ago. 

“Without being personally angry with him, he nevertheless had my mother murdered”, maintains Ms. Daoust.  

The beneficiary attendant says she is “very happy that he died inside. It's reassuring. »

According to MP Guy Ouellette, a former biker expert at the Sûreté du Québec, our thoughts should go more to Diane Lavigne and her colleague Pierre Rondeau, whose murders were ordered by Boucher. 

The prison guard Diane Lavigne, randomly killed on Boucher's orders to intimidate authority.

“We forgot the innocent victims of the biker war. It's a legacy that is violent and negative,” says the author of an unauthorized biography of “Mom” Boucher published in 2005. 

Innocent Victims< /p>

Former MP Réal Ménard wanted to commemorate the memory of young Daniel Desrochers, who died in 1995 in the explosion of a car belonging to a drug trafficker in the midst of the biker war.< /p>

This tragic event, which took place in his riding of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, in Montreal, prompted him to table the first anti-gang bill in the House of Commons a few months later.  

“It was an inspiration in my public life to see how, when citizens decide to mobilize, we can change things,” says the man who later became mayor of the borough. < /p>

“ We forgot the victims of the biker war »

Réal Ménard
Former MP

“The mobilization was commensurate with the insecurity felt by the population. It happened in our streets,” he continues.

Everyone agrees that a page in the history of motorcyclists has turned with the death of Maurice “Mom” Boucher.


Despite this, bikers will keep a low profile at the upcoming funeral of the former Hells Angels number one, according to Guy Ouellette. 

“Don't expect a big parade of motorcyclists, he's probably going to have a private family funeral,” he believes. years in prison for the premeditated murders of the two prison guards.

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