“We have more than one chance to get it right”: Valentina Khamaiko with her children was left in a house near Kiev during the shelling hour

  we have had more than one chance to align»: houses under Kiev under the hour of shellingTaisiya BAKHARIEVA, “FACTI” Valentina Khamaiko immediately said that there was nowhere to find a proper house. Starting from the first month of the war, at once, a man and a couple of children lost their lives in the village near Kiev, not far from the battlefields. Rockets were flying over their house, instructing the battles and nbsp; to strike black snow. After all, Valentina continued to practice in "Snidanka", walking in "ether" and TET at once with his colleague Oleksandr Popov.

In exclusive interview "FACTS" Valentina told about her most terrible thing, nothing more complicated than she had to accept.

— Valya, what you feeling now?

— Sometimes I vexed myself at thinking that my nervous system had become absolutely unstable. I can burst into tears, zirvatisya z whether driven. Even before I was such a stable person in the middle, then there is no stability at the same time. It became a little easier for me, if the children turned back home and the rockets don’t fly over their heads, we don’t shoot artillery and I can sleep at night. Ale, if we recently had a thunderstorm, I realized that the dosi is not stable. In the presence of thunder and glints, I began to shout again that they were shooting at us. There was a repetition of quiet zhahіv birch. That’s why I just spent a little bit of innbsp;

— Kiev.

— We live with Boyarka and Bilogorodka. If the situation in the first peninsula was already worse, the Russian troops already came to the southern village of Knyazhichi. There s’appeared їх technics. Bov period, if our village was not alive. We were brought humanitarian aid, because the shops started up. All roadblocks were built on those, so that no one penetrated. Two s saboteurs were angry in our village, if the stench was firing flares at night.

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< p> The 7th and 8th birch were critical for us, if we took decisions to correct two older children — tse buv їx a chance for a square. I remember, in & nbsp; nothing before the day, I played absolutely all the situations in & nbsp; my head. We knew what appears in Irpen. They’s’s we lived we we we we we we we we we we we we we we can guarantee safety — skin can take a decision for yourself. I didn't want to vikhati myself terribly; If it was the most terrible thing, then I left one percent on the  — I vered that mi we demo through the lіs to side the trace — i know all the stitches.

  we have more than one chance to align»: house near Kiev at the hour of shellingSim'ya Valentina Khamayko lingers at a damp house near Kiev, not far from Boyarka and Bilogorodka

— And you have four children! Why didn did did go to them at once?

— I felt my distance in front of the edge, didn did left. I — medic, lieutenant to the reserve, immediately, before speech, I renew my military ticket. I verified and I believe in the power of ZSU. I was quiet in the middle, who is wise, that Russia is good for everything, but in I didn’t had thoughts in the head, that the stench should start to restore our places to the earth. The Russians are fighting not with viysk, but populations, just wanting people. Tse genocide, and I th I did clear! Why didn't you fuck?

I didn't sound out of situations, but trying to virishuvati.         great performance in front of my colleagues at   — I couldn just turn around and flow. That was why the buti korisnoy on robots and trimati calm.

  we we have had more than one chance to align»: houses near Kiev at the hour of shellingValentina Khamaiko with colleagues Lyudmila Barbir and Oleksandr Popov

— What we explained to children?

— Who Russia attacked Ukraine. Ide war. Tse not gra, not special operation. Early on the 24th of the fierce stink, everyone rushed through the vibukhivs, and the helicopters flew around. My s man told me that the stinks can — choose the main speeches, draw warm sports speeches on yourself and sleep in them.

I remember that it wasn't yet a year old, as if it had pierced the first vibe. Everyone jumped, rozumiyuchi, scho & nbsp; drank, for the rest of the month they all lived in & nbsp; smoky war. I called from dekilkom know, the stench is also chuli vibuhi. Then the information was officially confirmed. We we veried that everyone is left at home, entrusting one one           sent Putin following the Russian ship»: Maria Burmaka about the war and death of a friend

— After a certain hour, you did accept solution to move two children to  safe place.

— So, we bulo, if we took away information about those who appear in     peni. I remember that we we did then bears and water dah and dump in order to critical situation mother wanting b water warm speech. And the children were ruled by Viden, where my sister lives. The stench went from our acquaintance to Lvov, de їx struck by relatives, and reached Day by stretching out to’dib.

  A we lost young children…

— Pershі Tizhnі I spent a good hour in kitchen, engaged in eating. 11 people lived in our booth. I prepared for all  more snіdanki for lads with SRW. There were enough products — we we have our own farm, є syrup and milk. Until the first worm of the day, we brought milk to the village and distributed it to those who needed it. A man who helped us with the help of the         —— task for the new bully. However, more often than not a car.

"We we we we we have more than one chance for a order»: Valentina Khamaiko with children was left in the house near Kiev during the shelling hourValentina with the man Andriyem

— The first days of the war continued to go to ether.

—  So, 24 and 25 fierce. I didn shall sat only once, if it was as close — here are two tyzhni. That bula was not safe in the district of the Zhytomyr Highway.

— Who did did did d days?< strong>

— It was greedy scary! It was trawling, so at night I couldn't sleep and simply walked through the room from the wall to the street. In a moment, if I wanted to write to my relatives, appease them for everything, to those who didn't know that I can work tomorrow. It was unsafe and ti not wise, that looks around. When the sun went down, the shooter, vibukhi, spalahi began. Everything grimіlo, vikna rang, and I was just scared.

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Then we started later, as if it was visible from our balcony. I remember early, if the children went to the street, and then turned and seemed: “Mom, there is black snow.” I say: «What other snіg?!» Then I was in such a strained state that           — she captivated herself with maximum butt speeches: schob vіdіrvatisya vіd strіchki noviny. I didn’t believe the children on the back, but instead I went to the street and swayed, so that the black sky blew and drank snow. If in a month I spent on the Zhytomyr highway, then realized that then the there burned warehouses and wind in our side. We have absolutely everything in soot. A ford snaking through trees only for a month. Ale, the smell of dima, burn it up fast again until the end of the birch.

— Maybe so. It became easier at kvitnі, if they called Іrpin. Mi chuli, as tse it seemed. They figured out the tactics that wars were trying to finish. I remember the day when they said early in the morning that they called. The man immediately went there to help and rozkazuvav, shove a lot of corpses, as if they were lying on the streets. It also made me feel less embarrassed that it’s absolutely emotionally non-sticking for my person. In the & nbsp; new bula less aggression. And  the change in the number of deaths became much more and  scary, more I understood, in what a risk my children were in the fact that we were lost. Ale it was my decision, I took all the distance on myself.

«We have more than one chance to align»: houses near Kiev at the hour of shellingValentina Khamaiko with young children

— Bula comedy story. If a person came to Bucha for the first time, we had dogs. Vіn having closed the doors of the car with a vіdkrimi, zaishov in an empty booth, and if he turned around, on the seat he was already instructed by a labrador and vіvcharka. The stench lived with us until we knew their owner. And s we've got Hugo — Ugrian Vizhla — tsutsenya, vryatovane z & nbsp; If vin s’appearing at our house, for me it is a turning point. I started talking more — the dog knew the strain, as I had a bula in the middle. I put yoga on me and could just lie there for two years — I was getting warmer and more comfortable.

about life in bought Gostomel

— I'm guessing that not one generation of Ukrainians will feel hatred before Russia.

& mdash; At their hour, they took the head of the school for those who told the children about the true history of Ukraine. On didus they denounced. I really hate Russia, and I, like a child, often didn’t understand it. Ale potim, I realized that I’m going to maw on the Uvaz. If I was in  movie instructed by Russian actors, then then they received a richly larger salary, lower mi. Navit eating from them was the best. I remember that I passed on to the lead role in cinema, and for then the cob of the cob, they got ahead of me, so they took another actress. Z Russia. The goal was more imaginative.

I respect that win — valuable split for all of us — of our generation, children — in the form of piece love to & nbsp; all Russian. T importance, painful vaccination. Ale mi її let's go and demo farther. I prepare my children until everybody, like in Izraïli, will serve in the army and become a vodіty. We were not to be afraid, but we are preparing. Zavzhdi…

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Photo by Valentina Khamaiko


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