We need asteroid: scientists have named the recipe “live” on the planet

Recently scientists conducted a sensational study and told what is the recipe of “living” planet. And it should be noted that scientists were able to detect several unknown factors, without which life on the planet impossible.

Нам нужен астероид: ученые назвали рецепт «живой» планеты

As you know, for the normal functioning of living organisms on some planet need: water, carbon, sufficient amount of light and heat. In addition, gravity should not be too high, and the atmosphere should be. However, a new study suggests another important ingredient: it is asteroids and comets.

Note that not all planets have a “volatile substance” in the atmosphere, and this in turn makes it impossible for life. Therefore, as scientists say, these rocky balls can purchase their “volatile substances” from another place in the Solar system, and this helps them to asteroids and comets.

“The impact of asteroids and comets from 60 feet to 20 kilometers are very effective at delivering volatile substances and, as a rule, add more of the atmosphere than they take”, — said the astronomer and head of the University of Cambridge University mark Wyatt.

Scientists suggest that the Earth had a thicker atmosphere and was rich in nitrogen, but much of that disappeared during impacts from comets and asteroids.

Recall that the “volatile substances” are chemicals such as water and carbon dioxide, can boil at low temperatures in the atmosphere.