‘We were always close, trump’: the employee of the White house became infected with the coronavirus

One of the personal employees of the President of the United States Donald trump, who works in the West wing and caters to the President, showed a positive test result for the presence of coronavirus. It is the close contact of the President with the infected. This writes NBC News.

'Постоянно был рядом с Трампом': сотрудник Белого дома заразился коронавирусом

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Since then, as the medical unit of the White house became aware of this case, trump and Vice-President Mike Pence took the test and both it was negative, said White house spokesman Hogan Gigli. It is not known when the employee develops symptoms or when the President last interacted with him.

According to a person close to the White house after learning that one of its workers was infected, trump was very angry and said that he does not feel that his environment is doing everything possible to protect it.

The source said that the infected employee was standing next to the President during the day. Trump has publicly questioned these words, saying to reporters that he had “very little personal contact with this gentleman.”

The President said that the White house will increase testing from weekly to daily, but added that “testing does not guarantee”.

“We tested once a week. Now we are going to test once a day, — said trump. But even when you are testing once a day, someone can be infected and not show it .a positive result in testing”.

The centers for control and prevention (CDC) recommend that people who have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19, stayed at home for 14 days since the last contact, measured their temperature twice a day and stay away from people who are at high risk of infection. The white house has not indicated whether trump to follow these instructions.



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