‘We will defend our rights’: California city protesting against the placement of those infected with the coronavirus

In the Federal court of the state of California is considering a lawsuit against the city of Costa Mesa. So they are trying to block the transportation on the territory of the city patients with coronavirus. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

'Мы будем отстаивать свои права': калифорнийский город протестует против размещения в нем инфицированных коронавирусом

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The person who stands with a placard in front of the court, said that the building in which we want to put patients do not meet any standards.

“This building was once treated for mental disorders, no other illnesses are not treated here. A few years ago, this premise is recognized unfit even for the settlement of homeless, so I don’t think this is the place for infected people,” — says a resident of Costa Mesa Chris Lipsi.

Inside the development Center Fairview police did not let this room belongs to the government. From 1959 it operated as a psycho-neurological dispensary. However, 2015 is in the process of closing.

Home of one of the residential areas of the Costa Mesa located a few dozen meters from the center of Fairview. The locals don’t understand as they can in their densely populated area to bring infected people.

“I think it’s a terrible decision. You can find other options,” — says a resident of Costa Mass for grace Meyer.

“There are a lot of people, a family, children. There is a school, the government should find the best variant”, — says a resident of the city of Milan Gurley.

“My mother worked in that center, there lived people with mental disorders and I’m not sure that this place is equipped to combat the coronavirus,” says Adam Knapek.

In total, the city Costa Mesa which is a suburb of Los Angeles is home to more than 100,000 people.

The mayor of Costa Mass Katrina Foley said that the court postponed for another week, at the beginning of March, so while the transportation of infected with the coronavirus in the city will not take place.

“Why treat us differently, why Costa Mesa is not protected, the law provided for such emergencies. I assure you that we will continue to block this terrible decision when infected with coronaviruses want to settle among the second most densely population city in California,” said Foley.

The mayor stated that this decision could be political, because in other States there are better equipped medical facilities.

Residents of the Costa of the Mass, which was in the court, assured that he will come out to protest.

“They do not, in our region there are 3 million people and we will fight for our rights and we will fight,” says Jennifer sterling.

Now infected with the coronavirus Americans, which were earlier evacuated from the city of Wuhan and the cruise liner, nahodatsa quarantined at a military base “Travis”, located in Northern California.

The US Federal government declares that the sick should be immediately separated from the healthy and placed separately under special medical supervision. If not the court they would already have to be in the center of Fairview in Costa mass.

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