Weak muscles in men are associated with risk of stroke or heart attack

If after the age of 45 years old men don’t support their muscle exercises and their muscle mass decreases, it can cause diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including strokes and heart attacks. To the conclusion about the danger of weak muscles for men came an international group of scientists from Spain, Australia and Greece.

Слабые мышцы у мужчин связаны с угрозой инсульта или инфаркта

Experts remind that with age, the skeletal muscles begin to atrophy, and is especially this process occurs in men. After 30 years, their muscle mass decreases by 3-5% every 10 years. This weakening of muscles can lead to tragic health consequences, — on it informs a portal Medical News Today, tells about the joint project of scientists from the research Center of Biomedicine Red male (Spain), the University of Canberra (Australia) and the University of Athens in Greece.
Researchers within 10 years tracked the health 2020 men and women that by the beginning of the project was 45 years old or a little more, and had no heart problems. Over the observation period among the participants was recorded 272 cases of cardiovascular disorders, including fatal.
Scientists have discovered that in men the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease is about four times higher than in women. In addition, they noticed a link between less muscle mass and higher risk of cardiovascular problems in men.
“Men with the largest amount of muscle in the initial stage of the study, the risk of stroke or heart attack was 81 percent lower than in men with low muscle mass. Muscular than men were, the lower was their risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and obesity,” say the authors.

The researchers recommend that men middle-aged and older have to do strength training, since maintaining muscle mass can become effective in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.