Weapons and escape from the laboratory: the most popular conspiracy theories about the coronavirus

Simon Esilevsky, biophysicist, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of physics of national Academy of Sciences and a fellow of them. Marie Curie at the University of Burgundy Franche-Comte, France, explained why we should not trust the conversations that coronavirus has been created artificially. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Оружие и побег из лаборатории: самые популярные теории заговора о коронавирусе

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According to Biophysics, talking about the fact that the coronavirus could be created artificially nepokorennye nothing to the rumors, they are not worth believing.

“To say that it was created, should be at least some evidence. Unfounded we can claim anything, including that the Moon is made of cheese, but without proof it is worthless. To date, scientific evidence that can withstand at least some scientific criticism, no. It’s just a conspiracy theory in its purest form,” says Uzilevsky.

A large spread of this theory only because people want to somehow control the situation.

“Conspiracy theories attract people because they give some semblance of control over the situation. Anyone uncomfortable in situations which he does not control. There are people who have this discomfort translates into the fact that they are trying to find some kind of external force that controls everything to absolve themselves of responsibility. It is people psychologically soothing. The appearance of this in times of upheaval, global disasters and stress increases, so, naturally, amplified and conspiracy theories,” the scientist said.

There are two main “versions” of origin, coronavirus COVID-19: it was created artificially or is he “escaped” from the lab.

“If we talk about the “harsh” version of what this virus created as a biological weapon, it is inconsistent though, because of this virus is very bad weapon. The viruses used as biological weapons are not as lethal as the coronavirus. Any person, even little understanding of biology, maybe just Google what, for example, anthrax, and impressed the fact that this virus is, or what, for example, pneumonic plague. These are viruses with an enormous mortality, which far exceeds 50 percent. If the current strain was created as a weapon, then those who created it, should be fired, because this is just a quickie, says Esilevsky. — The second version is based on the fact that one of the authors of the work, which created chimeric viruses in 2015, worked in Wuhan University in the same region where this coronavirus. But if you research viruses of bats – and it was the work of a virus of bats, then it is logical to establish a laboratory where, first, these bats are found to not halfway around the world, and, secondly, where these bats are expected any problems. In China, it is all the same, because there are bats breed in large numbers, where they eat, sold in the markets, and there have even been cases of transmission from bats to people. Where else to base the Zoological laboratory for the study of viruses of bats, how not there? And this version turns everything on its head. Like, once they were studied, then it is proof that the virus from the lab”.

And the reason for the necessity of creating laboratories for the study of viruses of bats exactly where the problem with them, in Wuhan, was the fact that contain bats in an artificial environment is quite difficult.

“The fact that bats in the laboratory to contain quite difficult. This is no ordinary mouse, not a rat and not a hamster. C them a lot of hassle. Some species of bats to include in the lab is almost impossible, they need somewhere to catch, and it is desirable to be where to catch them easily and where they are so many. This explains everything,” says Simon.

In addition, to escape from the lab, the virus could not, it was necessary that they someone became infected and infected others.

“In order for the virus “escaped”, it needs to find support because the virus is not a living being, it is just RNA encased. He needs to get to the media. If a carrier is a person, then, naturally, you want the person infected. It is possible that it will infect some animal. In the Virology laboratories of this class are third-or fourth-class protection, working with pathogenic viruses of man, there are a number of security solutions that these viruses could not “run away”, says the scientist. — All material is utilized. Worked with, say, a bat, she died – it has to be burned to ashes. No material does not fall out, it dissolves. All disinfected: input, output, suits biosecurity, “cosmonauts” as they are called. For each protection class of the laboratory there are certain protocols that all this should be done. Bungling excludes no one, and it is impossible to say that never this can not be, but it is very unlikely”

Also, the use of any kind of viruses as biological weapons, according to the idea of many conspiracy theories, is also impractical because the spread of the virus is impossible to control.

“The main problem of biological weapons is that it is not clear how to protect the person who uses it. Either it’s total genocide of all humanity, or it will not work normally, there is no third option. In fiction you can find many solutions to this issue, Biosafety professionals also thought about it. One option is to create viruses that, for example, selectively affect people with a certain type. For example, a certain race, a certain nationality, and so on. But this idea does not work though, because that race each other are not so different to cause the selectivity of the virus, says Esilevsky — And, secondly, just because people thoroughbred, so to speak, almost anywhere in the world. All somehow mixed. In addition, you cannot find any infection in human history, which selectively struck by one race. All infections affect everyone.”

And it’s also impossible to create a vaccine that would fully and certainly protected from the virus.

“The easiest thing is to close down in the bunker and wait until all will die, and then to go from there. Logical to inject the antidote, which won’t make you sick, it’s from the same area of science fiction. You have to understand that the virus mutates. The virus that you run, after a while it is not quite the one you started may be some hybridization with some another virus of bats, and something the third. There is no guarantee that your antidote, even if we are miraculously created, will save you from this hybrid. It’s like opening Pandora’s box and continue to play Russian roulette,” — says the scientist.

According to Osilascope all yet discovered the data indicate that the virus appeared in Wuhan.

“According that is, the impression that really there he appeared. Not observed a single case of infection before and can not see where he could be introduced. Moreover, when analyzing the genome of the virus, the more likely it is similar to the genome of the Chinese bats, not some other animal and not from another country. From all this we can conclude that there he appeared,” says Uzilevsky.

The journal Nature recently published the results of a study according to which the coronavirus is not noticeable traces of modification, which indicates its natural origin. And according to the scientist, if this were not so, it is sure to be seen.

“Imagine you are considering otvetstvennyy the picture and trying to prove that it is fake. If you look pixel by pixel under a microscope to the picture, if it is made very well, you may notice interference. You can see the retouching, wrong lying the shade, oiled and so on. Almost the same thing happens when there is genetic modification. To make a genetic modification of the virus so that is not sticking to the ears that is artificially made, is quite difficult. Experts say that it is almost impossible,” the scientist said.

That is, if this strain was artificially created, it would be noticeable, and since there is no evidence of this, and because he is like a virus of bats, so it came naturally.

“Yes, with high probability, is the result of a natural process. There is a Maxim: you can’t prove what is not, can not prove that it is not done artificially. You can only prove a positive statement, not negative. But, as I said, if it is done artificially, the one who did it – two, and out of the class. This is done carelessly,” says Uzilevsky.

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