Weather: Another hot and sultry day for the entire province

Weather: another hot and sultry day for all of the province


Quebecers across the province will have another very hot and sticky day on Monday. 

From Val-d'Or to Gaspé via Montreal and Quebec, a humidity ranging from 30°C to 35°C is expected during the day. A stormy disturbance could water the western sector of the province, but everything should stop at the beginning of the night. However, a UV index of up to 8 is still predicted for much of the province, so sunscreen is still in order.

However, the heat should be a little less stifling from Friday, with the passage of a cold front over the province.

Alberta and British Columbia also in the heat

It's not just Quebec that recorded high mercury over the weekend, Alberta and British Columbia both recorded record heat, Environment Canada confirmed late Sunday evening. /p>

In Penticton, a city not far from wildfires that are dangerously approaching residential areas, a temperature of 39 ° C was recorded on Sunday. According to Global News, 25 residences in this area have already been issued an evacuation notice.

Also, at Cache Creek, located about an hour from Lytton, a town razed by the fires of forest last year, the mercury read 40.5°C on Sunday, beating a 1971 record by half a degree.

A little further east, at the park station Bow Valley National Park, located about an hour from Calgary, recorded a temperature of 33.7°C, beating the previous mark from 1973 by 1.5°C.