Weather in Quebec: after the hottest day, the rain and the fall of the mercury

Weather in Quebec: after the hottest day hot, rain and falling mercury


Following the hottest day of 2022 in Montreal, Monday will be marked by the passage of a cold front which will bring a little rain in places, but above all a good drop in mercury . 

From a maximum temperature of 32.4°C on Sunday in the metropolis, the mercury will drop to a maximum of 25°C. 

The passage of the cold front will allow the uplift of the moisture-laden air of the weekend. 

Gusts of wind to 50 km/h and a possibility of showers are also expected during the day.

In Quebec, the drop in mercury will be similar, dropping from a maximum of 31.6°C on Sunday to 24°C on Monday. 

The light shower is present in the morning should cease by midday. Between 15 and 25 mm are expected, in addition to wind gusts of up to 40 km/h.

Much less exposed to humidity than the rest of the province during the weekend, the Est-du-Québec region will have another magnificent sunny day with a maximum of 24°C, like the weekend.

Tuesday is expected to be sunny everywhere in Quebec.