Weather in Quebec: good weather returns for the rest of the week

Weather in Quebec: return of good weather for the rest of the week


After a tropical interlude that lasted the time of a passing breeze, the beautiful sunny weather is back for the rest of the week with a rising mercury.  

If passing clouds are expected on Wednesday in the west of the province, in southern Quebec, including Montreal and its surroundings, the weather will be generally sunny and temperatures at rising with a Humidex 29. 

Clouds will also disturb the azure sky in central areas of the province, such as Quebec, Estrie and Beauce, where highs of 25 degrees are expected according to Environment Canada forecasts. 

Practically, the same weather scenario is to be expected for the regions of eastern Quebec, particularly in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie regions, so that the temperatures will be below normal for the season. 

For the rest of the week, the weather will be nice and warm with sometimes peaks of humidity at least until Sunday, when the mercury could exceed 30 degrees during the day Saturday in Montreal.