Weight loss treatment for the Auto Show

Weight loss for the Auto Show


Will you be at the show this year? This is the question that we will ask the public, traders and above all, all car manufacturers. And for good reason, never has the holding of such an event been so difficult for the organizers, who had to cancel the last two editions (2021 and 2022).

Of course, one can wonder about the relevance for a manufacturer and even, for a group of dealers, to travel to the show with all the logistics and expenses that this implies. Because new cars sell in the blink of an eye, without negotiation, and because the demand is much greater than the supply. Why invest time and money to promote products that are scarce and for which there are already waiting lists?

This is why several manufacturers are already confirming their absence, while others are slow to make a decision, which should ultimately end in the negative. Because ten weeks before the event, a manufacturer cannot begin to take steps with a view to a presence at the show, involving staff and strategies, not to mention the vehicles which are becoming very rare. 

Don't forget that the vehicles that are of massive interest to visitors are obviously those that dealers don't have in stock, which complicates the operation.

Despite this, the Montreal Auto Show will indeed take place. Still overseen by Bertrand Godin, who remains its spokesperson. The objective will be to highlight the manufacturers who will be willing to play along, as well as the dealers who, of their own free will, will be there to represent their brand. Forget, however, the event you experienced in the past. With these long corridors to walk and these floors to go up and down.

This time, everything will take place on just one floor of the Palais des congrès, in an open concept format. Forget the exhibitions of modified cars, a majority of commercial kiosks and the sector dedicated to electric cars, which will clearly be repatriated to the kiosks of their respective manufacturers.

Let’s not forget that the SIAM (Montreal International Auto Show) competes today with the SVEM (Montreal Electric Vehicle Show), which this year welcomed more than 43,000 visitors. A number four times lower than that experienced by SIAM in recent years, but for an event taking place over three days, not ten.

So, who will show up at the show this year? Probably the three American manufacturers, who will put in the effort to make their respective brands look good. Perhaps star spokespersons, which Hyundai and Kia could also do, which should also be there. Same thing for Nissan/Infiniti, which had announced that it wanted to turn its back on motor shows and which finally chose to be there. The people from Toyota and Lexus will also be present, who no doubt wish to take advantage of the absence of Honda/Acura, as well as that of Mazda, Volkswagen/Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Tesla, to name but a few. there.

Thus expect a show where there will be “holes”, but in which some of the visitors could still find their account. Much more than on the side of Detroit, which had bitterly disappointed us this year, with only five manufacturers present.

Now, will we one day find SIAM as we once knew it? Personally, I doubt it. Not with the coming of the SVEM, which will certainly grow over time, with the proliferation of EVs on our roads.

On a more personal note, I nevertheless admit to being eager to find the event, d to see people there again and above all, to find out how the organizers will go about rekindling the flame that has been extinguished for too long.