Welcome dinner 6pm protects the heart

Another scientific study showed the importance of taking dinner to 6 PM. Scientists claim that eating late increases the likelihood of developing heart disease.

Прием ужина до 6 вечера защищает сердце

Heart disease do not develop only due to the fact that we eat, but also what time to eat. Researchers at Columbia University found that women who take dinner after 6 PM, have an increased risk of heart disease, which are a major cause of mortality in America. In particular, lovers of late eating are marked high blood pressure, higher body mass index and poor control of blood sugar levels. All these are the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.
These findings were made during observation of a group of 112 women, which continued during the year. Researchers believe that the postponement of the dinner to an earlier time is the simplest way to reduce the risk of heart disease. Other key rules of protection against these diseases may be noted Smoking cessation, physical activity, healthy eating, monitoring of indicators of pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Studies consistently show that people who performs all of these recommendations, has the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease.
The participants in the present study with an average age of 33 years and older were electronic diaries that recorded what they took to eat, and what time of the day. The researchers then compared the likelihood of heart disease with the dinner, breaking the direct link between these two indicators. It was also found that girl later for dinner had a greater body mass and less time devoted to sport.