We'll go back to Pierre-Luc Dubois…

We'll go back to Pierre-Luc Dubois...


Quebec forward Pierre-Luc Dubois avoids unnecessarily scratching the Arizona Coyotes organization, but the Winnipeg Jets' visit to the “Mullett Arena” will have been special, to say the least, on Friday evening.  

“It was our only game of the year here and I won’t complain about it,” he summed up. The Coyotes will play 41 games in this home. They are more the ones who will have to live with that. If I were to play 41 games here, I wouldn't find it funny.” 

Dubois, who picked up an assist on Blake Wheeler's game-winning goal in a 3-2 win over Jets in overtime, said he appreciated the atmosphere during the game considering that the arena cannot accommodate more than 5,000 spectators. 

“We didn't know what to expect when we arrived, let's say our locker room was a little different from what we're used to, mentioned the Quebecer, knowing that the renovations will be completed after the Coyotes' present four-game stay in their new home. We go back to basics a bit, like in the juniors, but there was a good atmosphere for 5,000 people, we felt a lot of energy in the arena. We had fun.” 

“For 5,000 people, there was noise, but let's say that when you play in front of 20,000 people, even in an arena that is not necessarily the largest in the NHL, there is still more noise, a commented Dubois. But it could be worse, we are lucky to play in the National League, regardless of the arena.” 

Better ice than at the Bell Centre? 

While the visitors' temporary locker room didn't impress Dubois too much, he also noted an extremely positive point. 

“It's the best ice in the National League,” said he says. Usually, it is in Montreal, at the Bell Centre, that the quality of the ice rink is the best. But it's even better here. It's incredible.” 

As for his assist obtained in overtime, which was his sixth point in eight games since the start of the season, Dubois was delighted. 

“The players want to have those opportunities,” he said. It's so fast and it's so fun to be on the ice in overtime.” 

Recall that the Coyotes will face the New York Rangers on Sunday at Mullett Arena. Two more games will follow at this home on Tuesday and Thursday against the Florida Panthers and Dallas Stars, respectively. The Arizona team will then find themselves abroad for a series of 14 meetings, the time in particular to complete the installation of a real locker room for visitors.