Well-known American brand will release clothes, able to fight coronavirus

Several major clothing brands currently represent a new line of clothing made from materials opposing the coronavirus. This writes Fox Business.

Известный американский бренд выпустит одежду, способную бороться с коронавирусом

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Denim brand Diesel presented antiviral fabric for their jeans, the material that is alleged to have “physically stops 99% of any virus activity”. The company plans to launch a clothing line in 2021. The brand has teamed up with the Swedish company Polygiene technology development protection clothing, which can kill the viral activity within two hours after contact between pathogen and tissue.

The company Polygiene ViralOff, has developed a fabric that protects from viruses, including the causative agent COVID-19, and “works by interacting with key proteins that prevent attachment of the virus to textile fibres”. The material includes an active biocide, the “reactionary mass” of titanium dioxide and silver chloride. The company claims that it can be used on any clothing, including face masks. However, in the statement about the disclaimer on the web site of the company States that the cream “will never prevent the virus to penetrate through it, but we can guarantee that viruses will not live long in it and on it.”

Studies have shown that most people infected with coronavirus via the respiratory droplets in the air when someone coughs or sneezes, and the doctors say they do not expect technology antiviral tissue will be so important for the prevention of infection.

“I’m not sure what the fabric, killing the virus, if it kills a lot more useful than spraying on a little of the sanitizer if you are so concerned that drops the virus got on your jeans. We are talking about that gets into your respiratory system, said Dr. Len Horovitz, an internist and pulmonologist from Lenox hill hospital in new York. – It is probably a good marketing strategy, but I’m not sure that it will help to reduce the spread of the virus. Antiviral if you wear jeans and a jacket and not wear the masks, what they use?”

However, a number of brands have produced clothes of antiviral tissues. Like Diesel, a London-based company producing men’s clothing Apposta also propels the fabric is able to prevent “the spread of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 and to reduce the probability and rate of infection, destroying bacteria and viruses upon contact”.



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