Went bankrupt due coronavirus: 4 retailer that suit a total sale

Pandemic coronavirus changed our lives in many ways, some changes are temporary, while others, probably forever. Retailers are particularly affected due to the cessation of work and quarantine. This writes the Money Talks News.

Обанкротились из-за коронавируса: 4 ритейлера, которые устраивают тотальную распродажу

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Many of these retailers plan to survive through restructuring, but several have already announced plans to liquidate its assets and go out of business.

The following stores retail sales in connection with the bankruptcy will start soon or already started

Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 announces that satisfied rasprodazhu after the application of the protection from bankruptcy and plans to close all stores and websites.

According to the retailer, stores will start sales after the release from quarantine.

On Pier1.com liquidation is already underway, with discounts currently at 30%.

Regardless of whether you purchase in the store, Pier 1 in store or online, keep in mind that all sales are final: you will not be able to return the goods you purchase during the sale.

In addition, the seller says he will accept gift cards online only until July 2, and stores only within 30 days after the opening of each store: so, if you have gift cards Pier 1, don’t forget to spend them before the 2nd of July, otherwise they will become useless.

Location: Use store finder to find your nearest store. Try to call in advance to confirm that it works again.


Stage Stores, the company behind the Stage and a few other retailers also started to curtail its operations after filing for bankruptcy.

Discounts from 20% to 50%.

When you purchase any network Stage Stores, be sure to read the tags completely. If a product is marked as “final sale”, you know that you can’t exchange or return it in accordance with the refund policy in the shops.

If you have gift cards in the network Stage Stores, spend them ASAP. In the last FAQ about the latest updates of the company said:

“We will carry out existing client programs, including gift cards and returns, within 30 days after the store opening. We encourage you to use them while you can”.

Location: in most States there are shops Stage, and many of them have been reopened. Check this list for the status of a particular location.


At Gordmans, which is also under the auspices of Stage Stores, currently the discount is 10-40%.

In addition, please note that the time to use a gift card Gordmans is limited: they expire 30 days from the date of opening of Gordmans stores, according to a recent blog post Gordmans.

Location: at Gordmans has stores in most States, and most of them have reopened. Check the website for Gordmans status of a particular site.

J. C. Penney

Though retailer J. C. Penney also has submitted the claim about protection against bankruptcy, he’s not going out of business. Instead, he plans to survive difficult times by restructuring.

In this process, the 154 J. C. Penney store will be closed forever, and sales in these areas will begin after the hearing on June 11 in the court on Affairs about bankruptcy.

Location: shops are closing more than three dozen States. Address and phone number for each of these locations indicated in the blog J. C. Penney.