Were given 15 minutes to pack: as moved to the USA a family from Russia had lost everything and was on the street

George and Eugene Kuzmin — a young couple with a five year old boy and one year old girl. The Kuzmin family came to the US from Russia with sufficient capital to start a new life, but their fate was not as rosy as they had planned. The story of a couple told the user under the name Alena Z, who organized the fundraiser for the family on the portal GoFundMe.

Дали 15 минут на сборы: как переехавшая в США семья из России потеряла все и оказалась на улице

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Shortly after moving George lost his job, resulting in many problems. The family lost their home, what their vytvorenie the police was given only 15 minutes to pack.

Currently, George works, but most of the work on his one or two days. Also Kuzmin are in the process of applying for political asylum in the United States, but the case is still pending.

The couple said that they are ready to do anything to change their lives. George will be happy to get any job, Eugene is also looking for a part-time job. According to Alena Z, “she is very caring and thorough, and willing to do cleaning, childcare, and other things.”

It all started with the fact that in Russia the couple got to the hospital. George and Eugene took over the protesters when they went to work near the place where took place the protest action. They were beaten, but the Russian doctors refused to give any help, as they fear to remain without work. The fact that the authorities tacitly forbade doctors to record the fact of beating of demonstrators.

After this incident, the local authorities said that the people involved in the demonstrations, parents are unfair, and they need to take the children. The couple had no choice but to run away somewhere.

They arrived in Los Angeles, where they had no ties. Originally they planned only a vacation for two, but in light of this situation we took the kids and went together.

The author of the campaign to raise funds argues that Kuzmin also lost their capital due to the fact that the first apartment that they rented them at very high prices, were in a bad neighborhood (housing removed for sublease from other immigrants). The family also bought a used car AS IS, but in the end it found a lot of issues, which are not reported by the seller, and had to invest a lot of money in repairs.

“And when the family is out of funds, they hesitate to ask for help in social networks or friends. So they were on the street,” concluded Alena Z.



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