What a headache indicates a brain cancer or a stroke

Headache – the most common symptom on the planet. Unlikely to find at least one person who’s never had a headache. The doctor Alexander Myasnikov told how to deal with the usual headache, how much can you take painkillers for a month, and what a headache indicates a brain tumor, aneurysm or stroke.

Какая головная боль свидетельствует о раке мозга или инсульте

Alexander Myasnikov claims that the brain itself can not white – there are no nerve endings, but ligaments, fascia, tendons, which is on the outside of the skull – can cause pain in the case of voltage. This kind of pain 80-90% of all cases. They are relatively safe and are reduced by regular exercise (stress relief), stress management.
The remaining 10-20% of headaches is a more dangerous form, which may be indicative of such pathological processes, such as meningitis, aneurysm, stroke, brain tumors.

Threat migraines

Migraines and cluster pain can talk about the impending stroke, so with a strong, unbearable pain should always consult a doctor. If the person rarely suffers from headaches, but occasionally begins to feel a sharp pain that occurs suddenly, without any reason, then it is a bad indicator – it is necessary to diagnose brain tumours.

In addition, the danger signs that indicate that a headache is a symptom of a serious disease: neurological symptoms (numbness, speech problems, etc) and pain that increases with coughing.

The doctor also reminded that we should not get involved painkillers. The maximum dose in a month – 15 tablets.