What a talent passed down to daughters from star KAMALIYA mother

Children the richest singer of the Ukraine, KAMALIYA took part in the equestrian competitions.

Какой талант передался дочерям KAMALIYA от звёздной матери

On Sunday at the equestrian school of Olympic reserve in Kiev held a championship for young riders. Star mom could not miss such an important for Arabella and Mirabella event not only attended the event but was broadcasting live on his page in Facebook.

Any parent wants the children to share his passion and hobby. We Zahoor did not force them to engage in any of the schools they have chosen for themselves! We could only listen and support. With regard to equestrian sports, They often saw me in the saddle. Remember when little girls were three years old, they after a visit to an equestrian club said to me: “Mom, you’re like a fairy Princess!”. So I am not surprised by their desire to be like me.

comments KAMALIYA.

Along with this, the M1 artist Agency opened and his cardinal rule in the education of children.

I believe that children do not need to teach. Just next to them need to be the best version of yourself. Then they’ll want to reach out to such parents and to learn from them!


In addition to the basic studies in the Kiev branch of one of the British schools and horse riding, Arabella and Mirabella Zahoor dance, gymnastics and try themselves as models for childrenís fashion shows. Each of their successes KAMALIYA happy to share with their followers on social networks.