What America is doing with the abandoned on-road cars

If you ever drove down the highway and notice the abandoned car on the side of the road, you probably wondered: what will become of her? It all depends on where is the car, says Reader’s Digest.

Что в Америке делают с брошенными на дороге автомобилями

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There are many reasons why a driver may leave their car on the roadside, for example, due to the lack of petrol and need to go to the nearest gas station. After a car accident usually cars move to the sidelines prior to towing. Those involved in the evacuation of these machines and how do it?

Abandoned or unclaimed cars: what is the difference

First, it’s helpful to figure out what vehicle you are dealing with. According to the Department of motor vehicles of the state of new York, an abandoned vehicle is a vehicle that is left unattended at another site without the permission of the owner of this facility for more than 96 hours. Unclaimed vehicle is a vehicle, which is in accordance with the law withheld by the company until the customer will pay to pick it up.

Each state has its own rules and regulations on this matter. For example, unlike new York, the Department of road transport Texas considers a vehicle abandoned if it has remained on private property for more than 48 hours.

Who and how to evacuate the car

There are no Federal rules concerning the evacuation of unattended vehicles. It all depends on States and municipalities. In the common process, the citizen notifies the police Department about the abandoned vehicle. After the notice the car identificireba and labeled.

If the vehicle has not been moved by the owner within a certain period of time, the vehicle will be towed away and will hold up as long as the owner can’t take him. If the vehicle is not claimed within a reasonable period of time, it is either put up for auction at affordable prices to willing buyers, or destroy it.

The motorway is not the only place where taking left unattended machines. Many people take action and report abandoned vehicles in their neighborhoods. Sometimes a Parking ticket on the windshield you can understand when the owner left his car, in some cases, any of the IDs do not exist. For example, in Vermont and many other States, private property owners can call the company-tow to move the car left on their property.

Abandoned cars have long been a huge problem in urban areas. In the late 1980-ies the Department of sanitation in new York has taken 148 257 abandoned cars from city streets. There was even a time when new York tried to create a Manhattan street without cars. Having a car is a serious responsibility, even if your car is not really in working order.



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