What Americans see Russian: three main features

Feed author Friends of Russia // World in “Yandex.Zen” told about the three epithets which Americans and citizens of other countries characterize the Russian. Hereinafter in the first person.

Какими американцы видят русских: три основные характеристики

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  1. Carefree and good-natured black humor

Probably, all the Russian people are not against to make fun of misery and death. Often it is possible to witness a dialogue in which Russian will cheerfully ask the interlocutor: “Well, not drunk yet?”. And that he will answer with a smile: “No wait!”. Such communication often amazes foreigners, especially when it occurs even in a business environment that Russian – perfectly normal. The Russian spread his trademark black humor is not only interpersonal communication, but also on their view of the world as a whole.

  1. Meaningful drilling of the mind

There is a story about how two Englishmen met for the first time, discussed the weather, and the Americans — of their loved ones. Two other Russian can go to discuss questions about the meaning of life, the dilemma of knowledge and the Universe as a whole. The depth of the dialogue will depend on the erudition and culture of the people, and can be developed in the form of a Hegelian dialectic or a banal fight. But it doesn’t change the fact that they both know each other much better.

  1. Weird erudite

The average Russian is well acquainted with a wide range of nuances and knowledge, and is rarely directly related to social or academic status, but only with their curiosity.

For example, once, during the second year of study I was attacked by a bully who knocked me down and began to empty my backpack. He let go of caustic comments about its content, and even reviewed the book and commented on my notes.

In the end he found a CD-cassette Metallica (my favorite band), and stopped suddenly to ask me: “Hey, they have this song, then he told me the motives of “Nothing Else Matters” and asked about it.

I explained to him the meaning of the song as I could, given the circumstances and his broken lip. The next 20 minutes we argued about what the meaning invested in those or other words. By the time I found out about this song something new, and this dialog allowed me to save all the contents of my pockets and backpack safely.

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