What Americans spend money and what you do during the quarantine

The author of the channel “Dumped on America” on “Yandex.Zen” talked with his friends in the U.S. and learned how the life in quarantine, unable to make ends meet and what is necessary to save.

На что американцы тратят деньги и чем занимаются во время карантина

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The author of the blog “stuck” in quarantine in Moscow, but regularly texting with their friends from Washington and California. In his article, he told about how has changed the lives of Americans during the pandemic coronavirus.

Hereinafter in the first person.

Some of my friends moved to Washington from another state right before the epidemic. They rented an apartment, bought a car and insurance, and was hoping to find a job quickly. But here intervened the coronavirus. Almost all companies have frozen recruitment. This applies to absolutely all spheres of business. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and now compete with my friends in search of employment.

They daily browse jobs, submit resumes, but all to no avail. Nobody reads, nobody’s calling. All companies are not up to it. America, like other countries, has a long and painful crisis. Business is busy saving himself, and go wild cuts and reorganization.

Finance of my friends are coming to the end, and still wasn’t working.

The minimum required monthly costs are:

  • Studio rental — $1100
  • Auto insurance — $100
  • Food — $300
  • Mobile communications — $100 (rate is 2 to 50)
  • Internet — $60

In addition, they can’t spend, as I don’t know how it all will end. And spend not much. Everything is closed, streets are completely empty.

Like, they managed to get a delivery of food, but it does not bring enough money — there is work only limited hours, and little pay. How it all sewed up anyway, we’ll see. I hope that they will be able to break through.

The US government allocates trillions of dollars to support the economy, and everyone hopes that things will get better very soon.

Transported to California, to the city where I live, San Diego.

My friends sit in quarantine for a long time, and, according to them, they have “crazy house”. They do not go out at all, because there is a quarantine.

A friend of mine writes that completely rethink my life for a month “sitting and doing nothing”. He’s 33 years old, he works as a Valet, does not communicate with parents. For someone coronavirus is good.

The money he spends on food he prepares, Netflix and California domestic entertainment. He tried to start several businesses, but so far unsuccessfully. He understands that there is an urgent need to do something but doesn’t know what it is.

Another lost all clients sits at home and does not know what to do. Both waiting on a check of $1200 dollars to maintain the pants from the government.

He says the money is spent only on food, rent from it is not taken because of a virus. These are the owners of the house, where he takes shelter.

Another couple of friends, husband and wife, in February, went on a journey across America on a trailer. On the one hand he was lucky to travel they have accumulated enough money, they both quit his job and went to travel through forests, parks and lakes in the country. That is, they left California, which is in the top in the number of cases of infection, and went to remote places where few people and no virus.

But still cool that people nowhere. All you can easily see. That is, they have not experienced any work, neither for money, nor for what to do next. Yes, and gasoline is much cheaper because of the deal with OPEC. The ideal situation.

On the other hand, many national parks will close, and in new York they shouldn’t drive. But this is small problems. I think they were lucky. The main item of expenditure in their journey — gasoline. In addition, they spent on food and alcohol. But as I said, the money have been stashed.

Another friend, Internet marketer, said that almost did not feel the changes. Working a lot at home he sat. He is also a surfer, and very pleased that the ocean is now empty.

He works from home most of the time, ordering food 2-3 times a day, occasionally goes to the beach. Funds it with the head missing, because the pay online in USA enough.

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