What are the benefits of cheese?


A rich dairy product rich in nutrients, although it may harm the figure, if too them to get involved.

Какую пользу приносит сыр?

Cheese causes mixed reactions – either love it or hate it. However, opponents of the cheese quite a bit, about 6%. Therefore, we can safely say that most people like cheese. Good news for fans of the this product is that it is very useful.

For example, cheese strengthens the immune system. This happens due to the probiotics that are present in the cheese. In particular, a lot of them in Gouda and cheddar. Scientists conducted an experiment in which the diet of older people included cheese with a high content of probiotics. It turned out that it increased the activity of lymphocytes, which fight against tumor cells. Also increased the phagocytic activity of leukocytes – the ability of immune cells to capture and destroy foreign microorganisms.

Interesting useful properties of feta cheese made with sheep’s milk. The fact that sheep milk has beneficial bacteria capable of producing antibiotics that kill intestinal infections pathogens. In addition, any cheese is rich in calcium. So the positive effect for your teeth and bones provided.

But do not forget that with all the positive properties of cheese is a very nutritious product that contains large amount of fat. In addition, cheese can cause allergies and are contraindicated in some diseases and conditions.

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