What are the consumer trends that appeared during quarantine will remain relevant

Coronavirus and protracted quarantine has affected the daily lives of people throughout the world, including Ukrainians. Research specialists meteoagentstvo Dentsu Media Anna Rod and Valeriya Sayko has collected the main trends that have emerged during a pandemic

Source: delo.ua

Despite the negative expectations of the solvent population of Ukraine regarding changes in the economic situation of the family in the 1st quarter of 2020, the standard of living remains quite stable. The index of consumer sentiment showed a decrease to 2018 (Kantar TNS”MMI), but this is a good result in the current situation with the pandemic.

During the period of quarantine for 43% of the population report less income to 35%, nothing has changed, says Gradus Research.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

The busiest quarantined were top managers and staff in leadership positions.

While employees with lower income have to work less, or not got under reduction.

So people with average or above average income are left with less time to watch TV. Thus in the first place for them beyond the mobility, and therefore channels such as digital, radio and outdoor advertising to acquire even more weight in media consumption.


The most popular categories of purchases on the isolation of steel products for hygiene and beauty, pharmaceuticals. However, the indisputable leader was the food.

  • The study of cooking in the quarantine period has contributed not only to gaining new experience and emotions, but also increase the culture of family entertainment. Although this trend is rather short-term nature, and the more opportunities to freely eat out, the more likely people are to return to normal life.

The situation with the pandemic COVID-19 was forced to think about their health more than young population. In the 1st quarter of 2020 people aged 18-25 years have increased spending on drugs, on average 670 UAH. This growth in spending is much higher than that of other age categories. The most popular drugs were “vitamins”, their growth was 3.5% (Kantar TNS”MMI).

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

According to a study MasterCard (may 2020), every second Respondent noted that he had begun to buy online more often than before.

The number of people using the Internet to purchase goods of the first necessity, increased by 43%.

Research Glovo, the number of online orders in the category “supermarkets” increased by 40%, orders in the category “pharmacies” — by 35%, and the average bill in these categories by 25%.

The most popular products were eggs, vegetables, apples and bananas, still water among alcoholic beverages — wine and beer.

Not being able to get new impression in reality, the Ukrainians began to replace them with online alternatives. This trend is likely to remain dynamic in the future that will lead to an increase in platforms that provide such opportunity.

The quarantine has solved one of the key business issues of our time: the barriers to online shopping are crumbling, online services are gaining popularity, which contributes to the discovery and development of new effective stage communication. For brands is now the most important to reconsider the role of communication with consumers.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

Study digital audience Gemius Audience shows that if in the first week of quarantine, the focus of the Ukrainians for the most part, was aimed at news about the pandemic, you can now watch a wide range of interests: cooking, fashion and more.

On the one hand, society is adapting to what is happening on the other — there is a massive fatigue from the constant restrictions. If the second wave of the coronavirus meant to be it will probably bring already not fear, but the difficulties and grievances.

Based on this, brands need to plan their activity, knowing that tired isolation consumers will expect them to decisive action and first-class service.

Advertising during a pandemic

According to Communications Alliance, the March-April 2020 activity on television and in digital remained unchanged at -2% and -9%, respectively, while radio showed a strong decline of -38%.

On television, most dropped the categories that are associated with activity outside the home, and brands with high demand during the quarantine reduced the amount of accommodation. The most stable turned out to be “food” and “soft drinks”.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

The majority of the top categories on the Internet reduced the activity.

At the same time, significantly increased other atypical category: restaurants & leisure (advertising, delivery and catering services takeaway), Pets (mostly food), tobacco products and the service (delivery).

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

On the radio all categories has changed markedly: most active in 2019, “alcoholic beverages”, “entertainment” and “trading” are greatly reduced, and the “vehicles” and “information network” on the contrary, jerked forward compared to the previous year.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

It is necessary to highlight the category “Pets” — advertisers have responded to growing demand and increased volumes in all media.

Mostly they use TV and in addition digital, just a couple of brands (“meow”, and Josera) come on the radio with the least clutter.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

Another category-the hero quarantine — “ice cream”.

For example, “Lasunka” not afraid to launch a new product during the quarantine. The activity of this category of TV has increased almost 3 times. There are the largest number of brands. Radio was only the brand “Rud”, by 2020 non-TV promotion.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

Market delivery services

In the market of delivery services has a new player — Raketa, but a confident leader can Glovo.

These brands used only placement on TV and in the Internet. In addition, popular are all kinds of collaboration and cross-category promotions. For example, Glovo implemented partnership projects with famous brands, focusing on a young target audience — Durex, IQOS and McDonald”s.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

  • With the weakening of quarantine restrictions leaves the demand for the services of delivery services, because consumers are tired of sitting at home, they want new sensations and freedom of action. It is worth noting the impact of seasonality — in the summer people spend more time outside the home.

TV services

The segment of “services of TV,” took a high position during a pandemic due to isolation. Most brands seized the moment and increased activity. There are many new players, with the result that the activity of the segment increased by more than 3 times. They complement your mix with digitalm. And Megogo and Sweet.tv used a wider mix than the competition, including a radio.

According to “Kyivstar TV”, from 16 March to 24 April, the members began to watch TV was 30% more, and movies from video library — 63%.

Vodafone TV notes that from 16 March to 30 April, the consumption of video content on the service has doubled, there is a constant growth of users.

Какие потребительские тренды, появившиеся во время карантина, останутся актуальными

Experimenting with content formats

During the quarantine, the audience began to experience a lack of new and quality content, forcing the industry to experiment with formats. There are many new projects on the radio: “Responsible business”, KISS.CLUB.MIX. LIVE Sream broadcast Dj sets Live NRJ Party Online. In the autumn it is planned to launch on the TV show “Masquerade”, “the Bachelorette”, TV series “Fortress”, “Lynx”, “Sex. Nsta I EIT”, etc.

Flexible companies like to provide their services, despite all the restrictions associated with quarantine, with the help of the Internet.

Many brands and connecting to combat the coronavirus, used a good time to expand CSR programs.

In this regard, the company quickly adapted advertising creatives under the theme of quarantine (for example, the advertising campaign “Amiksin”, Kyivstar, Vodafone, Durex, Axe, Coca Cola, etc.), showing how the product/service help to solve one of the problems caused by Covid-19.

4 current consumer trends

New the world is changing with incredible speed, as fast changing consumer trends. But even in this dynamics emerges at least four trends that are sure to be relevant by the end of 2020, and that it is important to consider the brands in the second wave of the quarantine.

1. High demand for local tourism and entertainment, virtual entertainment and video content.

2. The acceleration of digitalization. Purchase, medkonsultatsii, workshops in online has become the new norm.

3. The demand for mnogoserijnyj e-commerce with fast contactless deliveries. A promising new direction in this niche — drive market, the opportunity to purchase products from the comfort of the car.

4. Unstable emotional state of society (fear for the health of their loved ones, anxiety and depression), which needs to be considered in the development of creative companies and communication messages.