What are the differences and how the program expedited security screening at U.S. airports

No one likes a long line at the security check at the airport. But air travelers have the opportunity to pay a little more and skip the crowd — what’s more, US airports offering several programs accelerated test of choice. CNBC explains how they differ.

Чем отличаются и как работают программы ускоренной проверки безопасности в аэропортах США

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Increasingly, cashback and promotion in the form of cash loan applications for participation in Global Entry or TSA PreCheck (up to $ 100 every four years) are becoming a standard benefit of many bonus cards travelers. If you take into account the third alternative is CLEAR — the decision about which program to choose for fast-track security checks at the airport can be difficult.

If you travel often, such programs can give you many advantages. Take a look at what is the difference between TSA PreCheck, Global Entry and CLEAR and what they offer.

TSA PreCheck

If you rarely travel abroad and don’t want to pay for Global Entry, TSA PreCheck costs $85 for a five-year membership and will give you the opportunity to pass the security check on the accelerated plan in more than 200 U.S. airports. If you don’t have the American passport is the best option.

This process is also less invasive than standard security checks. You do not need to remove shoes, belt, light jacket, take out laptop and liquids, the TSA approved.

To apply you need online, then you should schedule a 10-minute private meeting in one of the registration centres. You check personal details and conduct fingerprinting.

Global Entry

A program of customs and border protection (CBP), which allows you to accelerate the clearance of pre-approved travelers low risk on arrival in the United States after international travel. You pass through the Express queue at customs and immigration, which can save your time and save you from the headaches after a long trip.

You need to submit an application and non-refundable fee in the amount of $ 100. If you approve, your five-year membership will include Global Entry and TSA PreCheck in the US.

To be eligible for participation in the Global Entry program, you must be a citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States. Residents of certain countries can also qualify — you can learn more about the requirements of international applications at this link. Candidates under 18 years must obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Find out more about the right to participate in Global Entry here.

What credit cards offer loans and cashback for TSA PreCheck / Global Entry

To popular cards that charge no fees Global Entry or TSA PreCheck include Reserve Chase Sapphire® credit card Capital One® Venture® Rewards and Platinum Card® from American Express. Although each of these cards has an annual fee (first year is canceled for Capital One®), this bonus can effectively be compensated in 4 years — not to mention all the additional fees that you may regularly receive by using these cards.

Loans Global Entry and TSA PreCheck make 100 or $ 85 respectively, and they are usually offered every 4 or 5 years, depending on what your map. You get credit after filing and payment of claims, and it may take a few weeks to see the amount credited to your account.


The newest addition to the acceleration of the process of security checks at airports — the CLEAR program, which uses a scan of your eyes and fingertips, rather than the traditional ID. The most expensive program of the three, CLEAR costs $ 179 per year for membership and does not include TSA PreCheck, as in Global Entry.

With CLEAR you can add up to three adult family members for only $ 50 per year. Children up to 18 years old participate for free and should not register. Members of Delta SkyMiles and United MileagePlus can often get discounts on CLEAR.

To apply, you must register online and pass a biometric scan of the person. Once you have received authorization to use CLEAR, your experience of going through security at the airport is quite smooth. You come straight to the point CLEAR and scan your fingerprints or eyes. Representative accompanies you to the checkpoint.

Sports fans and music membership also gives you the opportunity to participate in the program CLEAR Sports that allows you to skip the queue for the security check when visiting many of the major stadiums and entertainment venues throughout the country including Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.


You don’t need to be a traveler of the luxury to use any of these three bonus programs. Even if you fly only a few times a year, you can sign up and pay back their waiting in queues for security checks.

In General, it is usually recommended to apply for Global Entry and not TSA PreCheck (assuming you have a US passport). Global Entry, which provides participants with an expedited entry into the United States after international travel, giving membership of 5 years, which also provides access to TSA PreCheck for only $ 15 extra.

Despite the fact that CLEAR offers more benefits in the form of entertainment, its membership dues are much higher and you have to regularly fly through one of the 35 U.S. airports it serves, to get real benefits. Otherwise, you will still need to purchase TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

Whichever route you choose, these three programs are designed to minimize the amount of time spent waiting in queues. This feature is able to make the trip enjoyable wherever you go.

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