What are the dried fruit of preference in losing weight

In the winter, when fresh local berries and fruits is not available and pamper yourself only imported options, it’s time to pay attention to the dried fruit. But to bring only benefit and not harm the figure and health, be aware of important details when selecting. What dried fruit to prefer and what amount of product should be included in the diet, said nutritionist Olga Usenko. Useful tips she has published on the page in Instagram.

Каким сухофруктам отдать предпочтение при похудении

Dried fruits is a hot topic especially in times of limited amounts of fruits and a great snack if in moderation and to choose them right.

Before you buy the dried fruit, you need to know if they soaked in anything, in fact they could be put in sugar syrup and then the whole meaning is lost and calories are provided.

How not to get dried fruit in syrup?

Need to buy those options that do NOT SHINE on the counter and which are “NOT BEAUTIFUL”. By “ugly” means wrinkled and matte colors. Matt dried apricots, dates, frosted, matte plum will be acceptable to us.

The day we eat no more than 50 grams. this category of products. And then (on the same day, when it was dried) we need to limit the fruits. You can, of course, and mix — a little of bit of that, but it is more difficult to understand. For example: take 150 gr. fruit/berries and 25 grams. dried fruits.

What dried fruit to give preference to:

  • dates
  • dried apricots
  • raisins
  • prunes
  • apples
  • pear

Before buying, clarify all the details from the seller and choose a proven point where you will tell the truth.