What Bolton wrote in his memoirs, and why the White house is trying to ban their publication

Not yet published book by former US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton seriously upset the White house. Ex-councillor could be facing criminal charges, the administration is also required to prevent hitting the stores already printed run of the book, writes the BBC.

О чем написал Болтон в своих мемуарах и почему Белый дом пытается запретить их публикацию

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Several us media reported the evening of June 17 that the Federal court in Washington may show a former adviser to the President of the United States criminal charges for disclosure of state secrets. The court asked the Department of justice, demanding from publishers Simon & Schuster and the Bolton to suspend publication of the memoirs of a former official.

The day before, June 16, the Department of justice filed a formal lawsuit, stating that the release of the book Bolton “Room where it all happened: a memoir of the White house” needs to be delayed, and the manuscript must undergo an additional check due to suspicion that the text contains information constituting a state secret.

The lawsuit says that Bolton, in his “numbering more than 500 pages book,… a crowded secret information”, grossly violated a signed obligation not to disclose state secrets. Approval of the Department of justice, the manuscript can be published only after its contents be re-examined in the Council of national security of the United States.

Bolton have agreed on the text of his book with the national security Council, about the 27th of April there came to the conclusion that all secret information from her seized, says the statement of claim of administration. However, in early may a more senior employee of the Council found it necessary to start “additional verification”, in which he established that classified information in it still remains. This functionary’s name is Michael Ellis, is a political appointee and former assistant to the Congressman-Republican Devin Nunes, known for his loyalty Trump.

However already on June 17, just three of the American edition — the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal obtained copies of the controversial memoir, published his own exposition of the book of former Advisor.

Remembered John Bolton?

Bolton held the position of Advisor to the President for national security from April 2018 to September 2019, but as it turned out, records and memoirs about this period he took on the 592 pages of his memoirs.

For adoption Bolton, the US President did not know that the UK possesses nuclear weapons, and during a meeting with the then Prime Minister Theresa may asked in surprise: “Oh, so you are a nuclear power?” He also asked John Kelly, who was then as White house chief of staff, is Finland a part of Russia.

The question of the nationality of Finland, the President of the United States asked in the summer of 2018, ahead of a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Following the negotiations, trump said that speaking about the Russian intervention in the American elections, he believes the Russian President than their own intelligence.

“It seems that Putin very loudly laughed, appreciating what he achieved in Helsinki,” writes Bolton.

The approval of the ex-adviser, in one of the conversations with defence Minister James Mattis trump has offered to fight against militants of the “Islamic state” engaged exclusively in Russia.

During another episode, describing a telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Russia, Bolton vspominal, Putin likened the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan of Guido with the former candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

“It was a great example of propaganda in the Soviet style,” says Bolton, adding that “Putin’s arguments have largely convinced trump”.

Someone else mentions Bolton?

Former adviser to the President remembers several meetings trump with the leader of China, XI Jinping.

During one of these conversations, the President of the United States supported the idea of colleagues on the construction of prison camps in the region of Xinjiang, populated by Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic groups. During one of the talks during the G20 meeting in June 2019, trump directly asked the Chinese leader to help him win the presidential election in the United States.

After si has complained that China is too often criticized in the United States, the White house said that to blame the representatives of the democratic party.

“Then, quite suddenly, he turned the conversation to the upcoming U.S. elections, stressing that the economic opportunities of China can affect the election campaign and asked si to help him win, says Bolton in his book. He stressed the important role of farmers and the impact that may have on the outcome of increased purchases of soybeans and wheat with China.”

Former adviser describes the White house as “strange” and “stunningly ignorant” of the person claiming that these qualities trump tried to use the leaders of foreign States.

During a meeting in may 2018, for example, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave Trump a note that spoke of the innocence of one of the Turkish companies against which, because of the violation of the “Iranian sanctions” led the investigation into the Prosecutor’s office for the southern district of new York.

“After this, trump told Erdogan that he will take care of it, writes Bolton. He explained that prosecutors in the southern district — it’s not his people that they were appointed by Obama, but the problem will be solved when they will be replaced on his people.”

The book mentions some episodes that Bolton himself has described as “alarming”. During talks with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for example, the tramp suddenly started talking about pearl Harbor.

During one of the talks with XI Jinping trump announced that the Americans asked him to stay on as President more than two terms.

Before meeting with the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, trump decided to take his “American gifts”, including the goods falling under the US imposed sanctions. After a meeting with North Korean leader, he instructed the U.S. Secretary of state during a visit to Pyongyang to personally give Kim a copy of the CD Rocket Man Elton John signed by the singer. Trump has called “the human rocket” (Rocket Man) the head of the DPRK in his “Twitter” during the deterioration of relations, however, after a thaw began to try to convince others that it’s not an insult, but rather an expression of the warmth of his feelings. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was not able to give her a gift.

On the eve of the NATO summit in the summer of 2018, the White house declared readiness of the USA to finally get out of the Alliance, if the European country for six months will not increase funding of the military-political Union.

“We’ll just leave and won’t protect those who do not pay,” — said in a statement that trump had personally dictated to Bolton.

The counselor, in his own words, tried to persuade the President, but he only briefly replied: “do You want to do something historic?”

What Bolton thinks about “Ukrainedate”?

During the hearings in the framework of the impeachment process in Congress, John Bolton refused to testify in the House of representatives, although the Democrats tried several times to call him.

In his book he criticizes the Democrats, arguing that the entire impeachment process was built incorrectly and trump would have to leave his post not because of the scandal with Ukraine, but because of the totality of foreign policy decisions.

Former adviser confirms that the US President sincerely believed that the Ukrainian authorities act against him, and believed in conspiracy theories, which spread his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and other advisors.

While Bolton stressed that the decision to freeze military aid to Kiev in order to put pressure on the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky, “extremely upset” and he was forced to appeal to the head of the Department of justice and the legal adviser to the White house.

“I thought this whole situation was an example of bad policy causing issues from a legal point of view and unacceptable from the point of view of the behavior of the President,” he writes.

What do you think about trump in the White house?

As Bolton says in his memoirs, the White house thrive on intrigue, and the relationship between the advisers of the President are far from friendly. In this case, however, examining in detail the actions of former colleagues, former adviser prefers never to mention his own mistakes and miscalculations.

In his opinion, almost all decisions trump for the presidency was motivated by a desire to be re-elected for a second term, and all actions of the President of his own subordinates perceived with a fair amount of skepticism.

“Considering how he makes decisions, what happens if we face a real crisis, like September 11?” — quoted former Advisor to the words of the then head of the administration of John Kelly.

Bolton writes that immediately after his arrival in the White house, the same General Kelly found it necessary to warn him.

“You have no idea how I want to leave this place — mentioned in the book the words of the General. — You will soon realize that this is a bad place to work.”

“He [the President — Bi-bi-si] retroactively changes his mind about the people who sees a conspiracy under every rock and still surprisingly ignorant in how to manage the White house, not to mention a huge Federal government”, says Bolton.

Referring to trump’s negotiations with Kim Jong-UN, former adviser recalls that during the conversation between the two leaders the Secretary of state Pompeo gave him a short note.

“That idiot,” he reportedly wrote to the head of the diplomatic office, commenting on the words of the President of the United States.

Bolton argues that the behavior of the head of the White house will not change. According to him, during the briefings on intelligence issues and national security, the President spoke more himself and not listened to the experts.

“It was useless”, — complains in his memoirs, John Bolton.


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