What breaches in the body, indicates the blood from the nose

Nosebleeds can be caused by different reasons, among which, as a rule, injuries. But sometimes this can be a dangerous health problems.

На какие нарушения в организме указывает кровь из носа

Nosebleeds can be an indicator of vascular dystonia and of pressure surges. Furthermore, such episodes are associated with changes in temperature and pressure on the street.

Bleeding from the nose can be in connection with the deficiency of vitamins K and C in the body. With a shortage of vitamin K have a bleeding problem and the lack of vitamin C leads to breakage of blood vessels.

Bleeding may occur when poor blood clotting and those taking aspirin and other “blood thinners” blood drugs.

Women face nose bleeding due to hormonal changes. For example, in the age when the girls starts menstruating, they may from time to time unexpected bleeding from the nose. Usually the problem is with the alignment of the cycle.

A common mistake for nosebleed — the desire of the patient to lie down. To do so is impossible, because the bleeding, in fact, continues to prone the patient swallows blood.

Profuse and repeated bleeding is a reason to address to the therapist or the audiologist.