What can be useful for daytime sleep and how it can hurt

Many of us love to take a NAP for an hour or two in daytime, but not everyone has that opportunity. American scientists have explained, what can be useful for daytime sleep and how it can hurt.

Чем может быть полезен дневной сон и чем он может навредить

A group of scientists from the US conducted a study examining the data of nearly 3,500 middle-aged and elderly, and identifying among them, 155 cases of disease of the cardiovascular system.

Experts came to an interesting conclusion – if a person every day has allowed time for NAPs, the risk of heart attacks and strokes increased. If he went to take a NAP in the afternoon only a couple of times a week, people were much healthier.

American researchers believe that the findings demonstrate the utility of daytime sleep, however, you need to use it correctly for the health benefits. So, experts recommend to sleep during the day not more than two or three times a week.