What categories of Ukrainians will be able to receive two pensions in old age

Ukrainians will be able to receive two pensions: the existing solidary pension system will be added one — cumulative.

Какие категории украинцев смогут получать две пенсии в старости

About it reports “Hvil” with reference to bill No. 2683 “On compulsory pension provision”.

The second pension will get along with solidarity. That’s just the amount of payments can be customized to your liking.

Stock will participate as the employee until retirement age, and employer on an equal footing:

  • employers would pay 2% of wages of employees,
  • employees must make contributions of 1% of their income.
  • if the employee wants to increase the size of contributions he will easily be able to do it. The employer in turn shall proportionately Supplement contributions by the employee’s own contributions up to 5% of the employee’s wages.

Accumulation of citizens shall be taken into account on their individual accumulative pension account can be inherited.

All funds will be kept in a special account, but not in the Pension Fund the single social contribution, and the accounts of specially created Pension Treasury, with which at retirement and will be paid a contributory pension.

Note that in February, the Pension Fund called the average size of pensions for different categories of citizens:
age – 3064 UAH (get 75.4% of pensioners).