What city to choose for moving to the United States: opinions of the Russian immigrant

Choosing the state and city for immigration, you certainly face difficulties, as the US — the country is diverse, where each state as a separate state, with its laws, nature and even dialects of the English language. To understand the differences between the most popular cities and States, to identify the best options for migration in the early stages offers the author channel “the Word Bender from America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Какой город выбрать для переезда в США: мнение русскоязычного иммигранта

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1. The North-Eastern States

Exactly this is where most of the immigrants from all corners of the earth, and there are a few reasons: loyalty to the immigrants and illegals that work for every taste, color and a visa (from the janitor to the financier), great public transportation (you can do without a car), good salaries and a large concentration of Russian-speaking immigrants.

These cities include, first and foremost, new York city, then Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) and new Jersey.

From the point of view of the start — great options, in fact, only new York has everything you need. If you like to be in the middle of everything — you here.

Personal opinion: never been a fan of the North-East, and not even thought about moving in the wrong direction. For myself, I just don’t find reasons to live there. But again, many Russians are more than happy with his life in new York.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago — it’s almost like new York, only safer and cheaper.

Large Russian-speaking community, a lot of work, reasonable prices, beautiful downtown and a huge lake Michigan, similar to the sea.

The climate of Chicago is very similar to the Moscow heat in summer and cold in winter (logical).

A great start — have the opportunity to learn, serve papers, find new friends, to improve English and to make ends meet.

Personal opinion: I like tubes a little, with the work really was not. Of the minuses: cold, snowy winters, dullness and lack of natural beauty. In General, I recommend.

3. Seattle, Washington

Green, tech, rapidly growing city. A place where based offices of major companies.

A high standard of living, plenty of work and good wages, the loyalty of the immigrants, the Russian-speaking community (as you can see, we are everywhere), but real estate prices are quite high.

Ideal for IT and other professionals, and for fans of incredible natural views.

To start this city, I would recommend people with IT-education, work experience, good English and the supply of money. You can, of course, and without it, but it will be difficult (but who stopped it?).

Personal opinion: I’ve been to Seattle once, and I “went”. A pleasant town. But I do not fit its climate, frequent rains and cloudy days are not for me.

4. CA

A place that fulfills the dreams of some and destroys the lives of others. Eternal sunshine, the perfect climate all year, ocean, beaches, rocky shores, mountains, friendly people, lovers of a healthy lifestyle, incredible energy that hovers in the warm air in Cali.

There is one big disadvantage for all these charms have to pay more than in other States.

Due to the large number of immigrants can be difficult to find work if you don’t own a popular profession, with unique skills or a large budget. It is home to many millionaires, business people, executives, it people, actors, artists, and a lot more people to grasp at any job for pennies.

I would not recommend California for the start those people who need time to adapt, learn the language, save money, and gain friendships.

On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted to live here and ready for any difficulties, then my recommendation for sure you will not stop. So go ahead, you will succeed.

5. Cities in other States

There are also a number of other cities that could become home for newly-arrived immigrant. Such as Houston or Dallas (TX), Tampa (FL), Denver (Colorado), Phoenix (AZ), North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, etc.

In these cities cost much less, property prices and fuel are very affordable, wages, respectively, is also lower, but Russian living there feel comfortable.

The list of cities most suitable to start, in descending order in my view looks like this:

— Chicago
— New York
— Other States, paragraph number five (for personal preferences)
— Seattle
— California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego)

Hope that helped a little more to understand this topic, but in any case, you decide where to begin your American history.

The original column published in the blog “the Word Bender from America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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