What determines the size of the pension

In the Pension Fund of Ukraine announced the main condition, which directly affects the size of indexation of pension payments.

От чего зависит размер пенсии

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to the statement of the head of Department of PFU in the Nikolaev area Elena Sychugova broadcast on local TV.

It is noted that the indexation of pension payments in Ukraine is subject to several important conditions. However, cluchey is the sum of the salaries of the retirees, not their seniority. Even if the person worked for a long time, and while receiving a small salary, his pension will not be too high.

“The amount of the pension depends primarily on the size of their salaries, on the basis of which it believed, and to a lesser extent, from experience. That is, with a large experience and at the same time low salaries and a pension is not a priori to be high,” explained Sychugova.

The official also said that every pensioner after indexing government payments will be able to rely on individual result of the allocation. It was separately announced that as of may 2020 planned increase in pension payments to eleven percent.