What diseases can cause smartphones?

“Hanging” the phone, many people do not adhere to the basic rules of handling gadgets, than put your health to serious risks. In the modern world eventually increasingly recorded diseases such as periodic loss of vision. About the threats associated with the use of smartphones, writes the news Agency RIA Novosti.

Какие болезни могут вызывать смартфоны?

What is the periodic loss of vision? For the first time met British doctors in 2016 who diagnosed such a problem just two unrelated to each other women. Patients daily for some time (e.g., fifteen minutes) lost the ability to see in one eye.

Complex analyses and studies revealed no disease, but women continued to experience difficulties. In the end it turned out that the two women loved to read from a smartphone screen, lying in bed in the dark. To read lying on your side with one eye, while the second was covered with a pillow. Asymmetrical light adaptation, which was thus subjected to the organs of sight of the patients, led to periodic loss of vision. Doctors say that this disease could threaten a huge number of people that like to “droop” to the smartphone before going to sleep. This “hobby” by the way, and causes insomnia.

Another common medical problem associated with the frequent use of mobile — changes in the spine provoked by the too frequent head tilts forward. This problem is even such exotic effects as the appearance of hornlike growths on the bones of the skull.