What diseases tell your nails

Longitudinal grooves, yellow, white or brittle nails: for changing the state of the nail plates are often harmless reasons. But some symptoms can be indicative of diseases such as nail fungus, psoriasis or even skin cancer.

О каких болезнях расскажут ваши ногти

Cracked or brittle nails. Frequent washing hands without gloves, the use of funds for removing varnish or unprotected treatment with detergents, make the nails dry and fragile: they can begin to crack and break.

A broken nail. If the nail is split lengthwise, it often speaks of its excessive dryness. Other causes include nutritional deficiencies (e.g., iron) or dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Splitting on the horizontal layers. The top layer of the nail separates this phenomenon the part is found in diseases of the atopic type (atopic dermatitis). Excessive contact with water or detergents, as well as a deficiency of iron or calcium can also cause problems.

Yellowness. With regular use of cigarettes, the nails of the index and middle finger yellow. The best preventative measure and treatment: to quit Smoking. In addition, it may help the rubbing fingers with lemon juice.

Yellowish spots. If the nail plate becomes rough, like flakes, and there appear yellowish spots, this may indicate a nail fungus, and psoriasis.

White spots. The spots and stripes of white color on the nails can occur for a variety of reasons, including due to fungal infection. The overall white color of the nails is sometimes a sign of chronic liver disease.

The black spots. Often indicate a bruise under the nail, the main cause of which is trauma. But if the black color under the nail is pale and persists for a long time, it can be a dangerous symptom, in particular, melanoma (skin cancer).

Longitudinal grooves. Longitudinal grooves of the nails seem to be ribbed, may be congenital. But can also talk about psoriasis, age-related decrease in blood flow to the extremities, and violation of metabolism or digestion.

Nails as a spoon (spoon nail). Like spoon nails are often associated with thyroid disease, alcoholism, deficiency of vitamin B2 or iron in the body.

Whitened or blue nails and the top phalanx of a finger.It is a possible symptom of problems with circulation, congestive heart failure, lung disease, reduction of oxygen in the blood. Whitened fingertips can also be associated with Raynaud’s syndrome.

The claw instead of the nail. Like claws, the nails occur due to deformation of the feet or toes (hallux valgus), poorly chosen shoes or circulatory disorders.