What distinguishes the working day in the United States and Russia: personal experiences of an immigrant

An immigrant from Russia who now lives and works in the US, decided to share his experience in the office, to compare working life and to tell the difference between work in the United States and Russia. Their experiences he described in the blog “moved to America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Чем отличается рабочий день в США и России: личный опыт иммигранта

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Hereinafter in the first person.

It’s hard to compare the working day in General in the United States and in Russia, as life in the office in California, and let’s say new York, are very different. But life in the office in St. Petersburg is likely different from its counterpart, say in Surgut.

In addition, the last time in the Petersburg office, I was over 6 years ago. Perhaps everything changed. But let’s try.

Therefore, I will compare my memories of office life in St. Petersburg with the work in our office in Hollywood.

Day Peter — day in California

Peter. Winter. Everything came in the office immediately smelled tobacco. People settled in their jobs, and immediately went on a smoke break. Working day is very quiet and boring. Breaks free tea. In General, and have nothing to write. Smoke breaks, lunch, and waiting for the end of the day.

On Friday all mood. Everyone asking each other when someone leaves work and what are your plans for the weekend. But as the winter all the plans is the bar.

Office on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles

Come, pour a Cup of free coffee. Look at the schedule of the free events held at the complex. Go to the kitchen — there always waiting for something for free — in our building there were many different offices of the startups that have distributed their products.

You can get new cool lab, trying to find the perfect recipe for the deodorant, mugs with prints from the Agency for press, tasty sandwiches from a start-up healthy food. Half an hour in the kitchen, and you’ve already found a couple of new friends startups.

What I didn’t like in the office on Hollywood — the lack of solar fluorescent light and excessive air conditioning.

At lunch time, come a couple of food trucks that have an agreement with the office complex and offer special price for the employees.

People from different offices and corridors talk about their projects, exchange contacts, trying to figure out how they can be helpful to each other. In the complex every day there are free events.

On Tuesdays startups tell about themselves is a great reason to find clients or work networking. On Thursdays in the lobby all complimentary Margarita or gin and tonic. Fridays — partner companies offer cheap services for residents and office complex massage at half price yoga for $5 , discounts on various services, free lectures on various topics (for Soju or design).

At one event we won a Weekend in palm springs for $3000. In addition our office offers unlimited free coffee, tea, mineral water, draught beer, area for rest and meditation, minicenter, and a balcony with views of Hollywood.

All work very relaxed. Rarely get tired after a California day at the office. Often on Friday half of the offices are empty. And sometimes on Sunday half of the offices filled.

The main thing in our office complex in the US — no one sits pants in anticipation of the evening. Rarely monitors staff. The main thing — productivity and result. And how many hours you spent on the chair, and nobody cares.

Employee is motivated to work — because this will depend on his career, his income and fulfillment. He knows prosizhivanie pants he could not help.




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