What does space smell like: the company from San Francisco will release perfume through the development of NASA

The aroma of outer space could become available to everyone. The company from San Francisco is going to produce an unusual fragrance called Eau de Space and began fundraising for the first fundraising platform Kickstarter, says the “Voice of America”.

Чем пахнет космос: компания из Сан-Франциско выпустит парфюм на основе разработки NASA

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A month and a half – since the beginning of may 2020 – the startup has raised about $40 million, which exceeded the original goal several times.

The smell of the space was developed for NASA astronauts to help them adapt to the new conditions before sending to the ISS. The fragrance was developed by chemist Steve Pearce. NASA has signed a contract with Pierce in 2008, and the chemist has developed a smell about four years.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson was comparing the smell of the space with the smell from the gun immediately after he was shot. She echoed the description of the perfume.

“Astronauts describe the smell as a mixture of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum,” – stated in the description of bouquet Eau de Space on Kickstarter.

One of its goals the developers Eau de Space called the increase of interest of pupils to educational programs at STEM.

In the description on Kickstarter, the developers of Space Eau de claim to have obtained rights for the exclusive launch of this product.

Formula smell was available to them on the basis of the Law on freedom of information, under which NASA is a state Agency, shall fully or partially disclose information.



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