What drinks are useful for colds

You can drink herbal teas with anti-inflammatory component, for example, chamomile tea, thyme, sage. But no more than 2-3 cups per day.

Какие напитки полезны при простуде

Very good jelly, especially the blueberry (this berry has expectorant properties), cranberry (there are a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants). In addition, the jelly coats the mucous membranes. Because many drugs (aspirin, combination analgesics, for example), which we usually take for colds, injure the gastric mucosa.

Pudding and very satisfying product. Also a useful point, because the common cold is something not particularly desirable. Viral infections are good alkaline mineral water with srednerazmernye mineral composition table. Drinking more cups a day mineral water is not necessary. There’s a lot of salt can disrupt the water-salt balance of the body, as this will damage the kidneys and the heart.

For the relief of fever useful berry fruit drinks with a sour taste, such as black currant, cranberry.

But from the strong tea and coffee, at the time of severe cold should be abandoned. They are due to caffeine, frequent heartbeat.

But cocoa, because it contained cocoa beans the substance theobromine, suppresses cough. This is especially true of painful dry cough. So a Cup of cocoa with milk is very useful if you hard cold. In addition, warm milk soothes the throat.

By the way, if burns the throat, do not drink sweet soda. The bubbles “scratch” the larynx, and may increase the inflammatory process. As for antiprotons traditional drink — tea with raspberry, this berry does contain salicylic acid.

Because of its properties and brewed raspberry or jam out of it has antipyretic and diaphoretic action. But a large number of raspberries is contraindicated in diseases of the heart can cause arrhythmia, and reduces the work of the kidneys.

Besides, to indulge in some tea with raspberry jam is not desirable to those who take anticoagulants – drugs that thin the blood (aspirin, warfarin, thrombotic-ass, etc.). This can cause weakness, dizziness and even bleeding from the nose, for example. For the same reasons you should not combine the raspberries with aspirin.