What female Zodiac Sign, more than all men

Какой женский Знак Зодиака, дороже всех для мужчин

Well, very expensive

When men say “my Dear” more often always mean relationship. But sometimes it happens that the word “dear” means the value in the literal, financial sense. And what is the value of such women Zodiac Sign, suggests a constellation

12 — Archer

Amazing, but true: lady Archers fiercely, furiously hate stingy men, but it’s nothing special from men don’t expect. Don’t want to. Diamond ring, Sagittarius not to bring happiness, a trip to the Maldives too. That’s really what vacation to Everest… What? It is much more expensive than the Maldives? Vooot, Sagittarius has already said that she hates the avaricious men?

11 — Aquarius

Aquarius does not need anything. No flowers, no gifts — nothing. Because the roads are not gift, and attention. Attention! In order to quality to pay attention to Aquarius, will have to pay at least a master class in yoga, a short course in photography for beginners hipsters, half a dozen visits to culinary school and earplugs still. Because today she wants to cook, photograph and meditate. Today she wants to shoot from a Makarov pistol. Great, right?

10th place — Capricorn

Capricorn don’t need the money men, because it its there. A lot. Much more than can imagine even the richest man. Just because the Capricorn manages the money wisely and hates to throw dust in the eyes, boasting of wealth. So to spend money on diamonds and sable do not have to. But you have to have a solid Bank account and present her statement. Because Capricorn is the value of money knows, Yes. And price people who have not, knows too. And in its picture of the world this price is, frankly, sounds like “a dime a dozen”.

9 — Virgo

To conquer the virgin is only one way: never break once and for all routine give karetnick on each date? Well done, that dari. Nothing, because they believe the tradition of giving gift on everyone just a trick insidious marketers? That done, nothing give. It is not that Virgo is indifferent to gifts. The fact that the virgin is very partial to men, which know what to expect. Always.

8th place — Aries

To care for lady Aries — enterprise kind: weak stress on the wallet, but on the brains, consider falling concrete slab. Because Rams are always dissatisfied with the gifts. Always! And no matter what to give: small gift — an insult, because: “I found in the garbage!” And an expensive gift is even worse, because: “Gee, that kind of money on such garbage low! Better would have given me!” Caution, dangerous moment! Don’t give her money! Because: “who do you take me for, anyway? Put your money where you know?!” And at this point it is better to quickly make the legs. And then she’ll catch herself shove. She knows where.

7th place — Gemini

In Twins, there is an iron principle: a real lady doesn’t take away from men any gifts, except flowers, chocolates, and, perhaps, a bottle of good wine. And arguing with them is pointless: it’s not that the Twins really want to be a lady (three times haha!), and that they live by the principle “You don’t owe me anything, but I don’t owe you anything”. So wait to pay until mistress Gemini decides that it’s serious. And then began to go to save. No, not old age. For when she calls and a plaintive voice would say that yesterday went to a club and woke up in some strange shack. It seems, in Somalia.

6th place — Cancer

Before starting to care for a lady with Cancer, you need to determine the intentions: if they are not serious, you can start not so much with empty pockets, but with a black hole instead of a pocket. Because handing the lady the Cancer, though any gift, except the flower, is quite impossible — her female pride would not allow to take from men every. Again, who knows with what intentions she slips it all? Thank you, no. Well, if you are serious, you will have to learn to earn. Or don’t have. Options still there: Cancer make.

5th place — Scorpio

Two words: Very Expensive. Very costly man courting a young lady-a Scorpion, because the money she loves fervent, sincere love. Mutual, I must say. So as to invest in small pleasures of the Scorpion — a reasonable investment, then it will return a hundredfold. But not to invest — is extremely unwise, because the Scorpion will take forever, not gifts — so something tasty. Men’s brains, for example.

4th place — Taurus

With the mantra “it is not the gift, expensive attention” to the Calf is better on a gun shot not to approach. Because this “very funny statuetka” would immediately fly to the donor in the head. It may be that two times. Not because the young lady-Taurus — terribly materialistic person, but because what this three-penny? So mind you: attention — this is when you notice that Taurus is sad, and give her something pretty — a new petusco, for example. A gift is when carats. Simple, right?

3rd place — Libra

Libra absolutely emergently. Exactly. Money mean nothing to them: although you have to smother them on top of the bills from large dust bag — will not appreciate, no. Libra will appreciate the reverent attention. Which is expressed in the right gifts. And the correct gifts that are not given to everyone. Antiques, for example. Yes, it is expensive. Very expensive. We suspect that this is a worldwide conspiracy of Scales: who else would these ancient times for the money, huh?

2nd place — Leo

The lioness does not need all the able men. She needs all its state, plus one state, more that he earns, while the Lioness graciously allows him to be around her. So the relationship with the Lion is definitely the right investment in the future. Well, unless of course you like to have virtual money. I mean — to admire the beautiful tsiferki Bank account. To pull it all on yachts and planes Lioness still won’t give. Itself later.

1st place — Fish

Just give her everything, bro. All the money, all the valuables, hand, heart, and other organ meats, including the immortal soul. No, well, what do you want, diamonds to pay off? Haha. Ha ha ha.

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