What folk remedies to treat colds in the United States: what is surprising in our

“Every nation has its own traditions and consumer habits that the person from another culture may seem strange. The Americans, not the exception. Sometimes we are surprised at their food, preferences in clothing and interiors, but today I will tell you about what home means in the USA is used to treat colds,” writes the author of the blog “50 shades of new York” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Какими народными средствами лечат простуду в США: что удивляет наших

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Ice. You will not believe it, but Americans relieve the pain in the throat, dissolving ice cubes, or eating ice cream large spoon. And they do so with the approval of the doctors who think the cold is an effective means to enhance immunity. No scarves and knitted socks. Here, in principle, decided not to coddle children, so people are very hardened — easy to dress up, poured into any drinks, ice and always turn the air conditioner on full.

Chicken soup. If we are accustomed to eat soup for lunch almost every day, the inhabitants of the US, this dish is clearly associated with the disease. It is believed that chicken broth has healing properties, and occasionally even American scientists confirm this fact research. Not always the soup cooks caring owner – often warmed up the purchase of tin cans.

Echinacea. It is a plant that has long been grown in North America, about the medicinal properties of which was known to the Indians. They were treated with infusion of its petals cold, pain, and even poisonous bites of reptiles. Today Echinacea is known to the world as immunostimulatory agent. Americans are buying it in capsules and take at the first symptoms of cold – said to help.

Marshmallows. It’s amazing, but in the US some people believe that a marshmallow (the marshmallow soft pads) helps to cure a sore throat. It seems that this is complete nonsense. If you believe the doctors, it is, but this myth has a very real background: the early part of the marshmallows were part of marshmallow, which was later replaced by gelatin. Probably, once beloved by Americans marshmallows really helped.

Ginger. We are also in full brew ginger root with the disease, but came to us this recipe is from the USA. Americans have long treated this useful plant, generously flavored broth with honey and lemon wedges. They say some complicated composition of hot pepper, and even garlic, but I personally such did not come across experimenters.

Vitamin C in hefty banks. I think this is a good American classic. US residents are big fans of nutritional Supplements and vitamins, because of their pharmacies not buy serious medication without a prescription. Say, a huge oval capsule with 1000 mg of vitamin C, adopted at the first symptoms of a cold, works wonders.

I think some of my listed items may surprise you as much as me. Finally I give advice – it is better not to do samolechenie, and to always follow your doctor’s instructions. And certainly not worth it after reading this article to eat the ice out of habit – after all, what American is good, the Russian — not a fact.


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