What foods are counterfeited in Ukraine most often

Recently it became known that in recent years Ukraine has significantly increased the number of counterfeit goods. For a good example, the experts conducted analysis of butter from different parts of Ukraine, and determined that every fifth packet is falsified.

Какие продукты питания подделывают в Украине чаще всего

Thus, the mass quality checks of Ukrainian goods happened back on January 19. Experts gathered from different parts of the country a few packs of butter (28 Ukrainian production and 2 German) and conducted laboratory research. In the end it turned out that every fifth sample was falsified, and they are all of Ukrainian origin.

After such a disappointing analysis experts stated that in General, the Ukrainian market is about 50% filled counterfeit products or products for which no taxes are paid. According to the chief of the State consumer services in Kiev Oleg Ruban, Ukraine today fake almost all existing types of goods. Least the fake products are subjected to a complex production, as well as beer. The products that are most adulterated meat, dairy and alcoholic products, particularly vodka.

As said economic expert, as a percentage of the beer market counterfeit about 3-5%; adulteration in dairy products is more than 50%; but most of the shadow market is the market of vodka – about 70%. The head of the consumers Union Maxim Nesmiyanov also said that the farther the settlement is from the major cities and especially the capital, the more fake products out there can be found.

One of the main reasons for the deterioration of the quality of products, experts believe the beginning of the war. At this time, Ukraine was plunged into a strong economic crisis that forced the Ukrainians to choose the price over quality. Moreover, in 2014 the government introduced a moratorium on inspections of small and medium businesses to reduce pressure on businesses. In this regard, small shops become increasingly filled with counterfeit products. In the end, the government in its decision not eased the pressure on the business and subjected the Ukrainians a huge influx of substandard products.

Completely avoid buying low quality goods is unlikely to succeed, however, the experts gave a few tips that will help to deal with fake much less:

— First of all avoid shopping in places of spontaneous trade, where the goods has not passed;

— I also have to give preference to products from well-known and large companies;

— Willing to buy one only in large supermarkets, where the cashier will give you a receipt.