What foods not to combine with eggs

Some products are better to eat separately from the eggs to get maximum benefit and not harm the digestion.

Какие продукты не сочетаются с яйцами

British scientists told which foods do not combine well with eggs. Although egg is one of the most basic and popular products, which is widely used for cooking all of the combinations, which are best avoided.

It is not necessary to eat eggs at the same time with the fruit — this can lead to unpleasant symptoms from bowel, until diarrhea. To avoid the feeling of gravity, it is better not to mix eggs with other protein rich products. Also for the tranquility of the digestive system are not advised to eat eggs with rice.

To avoid difficulties with the absorption of nutrients, also need to be able to correctly combine foods. Along with the eggs difficult to digest essential fatty acids. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit, you should not eat eggs olive oil, avocado and fatty fish that are sources of these nutrients.

For the same reason you should not eat eggs with potatoes and sweet potatoes. The nutrients in these foods is better absorbed if you eat them at different meals.

Eggs combine well with a small amount of vegetables, a dish of legumes, wholegrain products.