What foods not to eat with a cold

There is a common myth that during the illness is useful to starve. This is partly true: overeating really is not as weakened by the body infection difficult to digest a large amount of food and reduced physical activity hinders the metabolism.

Какие продукты нельзя употреблять при простуде

But to go on a diet and deprive yourself of nutrients also should not be: on the contrary, during the disease the diet should be complete and balanced.

However, there are a list of foods that are contraindicated with SARS, influenza, flu and other similar diseases: they may aggravate the disease and slow recovery. We talk about them.


Cookies, candies, cakes and pastries — not the best dessert during a cold. The fact that they reduce the activity of leukocytes — blood cells that fight viruses and bacteria. Pose a danger and a variety of toppings: coconut, poppy seeds, powdered sugar, cocoa, they will irritate a sore throat and provoke a cough.

At the same time to deprive yourself of pleasure, necessarily, dried apricots, figs, prunes, crackers and biscuits — all of them will be a great addition to tea during the disease. Another healthy dessert — honey is not only delicious, but also has antibacterial and immunostimulating action.

Dairy products

Deceit dairy products is that they contribute to the formation of mucus in the body, difficult expectoration of sputum from the lungs and intensify the cold. However, not all the dairy products are equally harmful: the most unwanted during illness fatty foods — butter, cheese and margarine. But the warm milk with honey, low-fat yogurt, kefir or fermented baked milk is quite acceptable. And in order not to enhance the slime effect, you can add some ginger or turmeric.

Semi-finished products

During illness the body all forces are thrown on the fight against infection. Do not complicate his task — eat only healthy digestible food. Alas, sausages and fast food into this category just do not relate. They are not only hard to digest, but also contain large amounts of salt, which complicates the derivation of the fluid (and therefore bacteria) from the body. Therefore, be patient until full recovery and then pamper yourself a favorite Burger or sausage.

Fried food

Pies, steaks, crepes and pancakes, chicken legs — all of them undesirable for the same reason that fast food: they are difficult and long to digest. Besides, fried food contains a lot of fat, and this extra stress on the heart and liver, which during his illness and so have a difficult life. Instead, turn on menu chicken soup with vegetables: he is not only nutritious, but also contains a valuable immunostimulatory substance, such as carnosine.


Though nuts are healthy and nutritious, during the illness should be avoided: they are too many calories, besides the top layer of nuts irritate and dry out the mucous that in diseases of the upper respiratory tract is highly undesirable.

Raw vegetables and fruits

Use fresh fruits and vegetables is undeniable, but their digestion takes a lot of effort. Therefore, during the illness of the gifts of nature are best consumed in boiled, stewed or baked form. In addition, you should be careful with citrus fruits: rich in vitamin C, but they irritate the inflamed mucous membranes of the throat.


Caffeine causes dehydration, and infectious diseases this is simply unacceptable, as water is required for excretion of bacteria and toxins. In addition, caffeine creates excessive strain on the heart even more tired weakened body. Yes, and invigorate the nervous system during this period to anything — it is better to quietly lie down and rest. Therefore, during the illness, at least at high temperature, from your favorite beverage is better to abstain and let the soda — it also contains caffeine. But herbal teas and juices rich in vitamin C, and mineral water are very welcome.


Thanks to the combination of alcohol, honey and citrus a glass of warm mulled wine can help with colds and prevent colds. But against viruses and bacteria alcohol, alas, completely powerless. It will not only help you heal, but also create an unnecessary burden on the liver, which is now a completely different problem — the elimination of toxins. So forget about “preventive” shot of vodka, and instead, prepare yourself hot tea with honey, lemon and ginger.