What harm and use canned fruit?

In autumn and winter the fresh and good fruits in the shops not so many, but if they are, then are not cheap. In this regard, some question arises whether to replace canned fruit in cans? This question was answered by a nutritionist, Anna Iwaszkiewicz.

В чем вред и польза консервированных фруктов?

According to him, such products are their own harm and benefit. No need to be an expert to understand that canned fruits are inferior to fresh and frozen in the content of useful substances and vitamins. In addition, they are much more sugar.

“Any product subjected to canning and storage in cans, are considered less useful because they are subjected not only to the action of preservatives, and oxidation from metal cans,” said Anna Iwaszkiewicz.

However, for certain people this product may bear the benefit. For example, if a person suffers with diabetes, then it is better to eat canned fruit than a piece of cake or cupcake. The same applies to those who want to lose weight. The fact that this product contains a lot less unhealthy fats.

The expert also advised me to eat canned fruit without syrup, and in any case do not consider them as a replacement of fresh and frozen fruit.