What health problems are indicative of acne

Pimples occur not only during puberty. Sometimes they can tell you about the serious problems with the body.

На какие проблемы со здоровьем указывают прыщи

This inflammatory elements that appear due to improper care due to malnutrition, failure of hormonal status or at elevated sebum secretion. They come in different ages and in different parts of the face.

According to the expert Skinstitut Zoe Divin, doctors are guided by the so-called “map” of inflammation. So, if pimples constantly appear on my forehead and temples, then the problem may be in the region of the gastrointestinal tract. And a rash at the top of the forehead signals the problems with a thick intestine, and bottom – thin.

If the acne appeared in the zone of the beginning of hair growth, is guilty, most likely, failures in the gall bladder. Whiskey from both sides of the projection of the gallbladder. If the work imbalance observed at the temples acne.

Pimples just above the bridge of the nose say about the problems with the liver. If concerned about acne on the cheeks, then the problem is with the lungs. The right cheek is associated with the right lung and the left, respectively, with the left. Pimples on the nose indicate the problems with the bronchi.

Rash on the nose, coming on the bridge of his nose, evidence of a failure in the cardiovascular system.

Zoe inflammation on the cheeks recommends Jogging that will improve blood circulation in the lungs. The doctor also advised every day to change the pillowcase on the pillow and regularly wipe the screen of your smartphone.

If any type of rash it is better to exclude from the diet of refined fat and sugar, and cellulose, on the contrary, to add.