What healthy Mediterranean diet

Do not think that if we are talking about a diet, it will only fit to reduce excess weight. In the Mediterranean diet many different advantages to our health.

Чем именно полезна средиземноморская диета

Use for vision. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet in the long term, prevents age-related vision diseases like macular degeneration. It can also suspend the process of deterioration of vision after 55. Often include in your diet fruits and vegetables to get saturated fatty acids omega-3.

The benefits to the heart. Experts believe that the synergy of nutrients in the Mediterranean diet ensures good health of the heart. In particular, it keeps under control the blood pressure and cholesterol, which risk of heart disease increases. From fruits, vegetables and legumes we are getting antioxidants, preventing the accumulation of plaques in the arteries. Olive oil lowers “bad” cholesterol.

Use for waist. Of course, the diet should help to fight obesity. The Mediterranean diet perfectly cope with this task, because it contains fiber. And fiber provides a longer feeling of satiety, protecting against overeating. In addition, good fats and proteins have the properties to keep the sugar level at a safe performance.

Good for the brain. The researchers found that the Mediterranean diet prefer people less likely to collide with senile dementia. It is possible that the combination of nutrients and minerals in the diet reduces the risk of deteriorating brain health.

Use for metabolism. In addition to reducing the total number of calories Mediterranean diet still and prevents a number of diseases. Studies have shown that this type of food reduces blood sugar levels, thereby preventing diabetes.