What hearing problems can cause the headphones

The evolution of technology has led to the fact that the average person spends on the gadgets are almost half of your day. It has its negative implication — from posture to view. Now the rumor also became a target. The most dangerous — the use of headphones.

Какие проблемы со слухом могут вызвать наушники

ENT explains why there are problems with hearing due to headphones, and how to avoid it.

Around headphones really to blame?

Yes, to such conclusion the American researchers who surveyed 3,500 people. They have, in varying degrees, have problems with hearing. 50% of work has nothing to do with noise at work. Before the hearing occurred, or in the case of injury or “occupational disease”. With the advent of portable players and smartphones, everything changed.

How to recognize that the problems started with the hearing?

There are several signs:

  1. You can’t hear people on the background noise.
  2. Not good enough to dismantle their voice at normal volume when I didn’t see his lips.
  3. You began to ask family members, colleagues, people with whom I communicate every day, although I did not notice this.

What to do to avoid damage to your hearing?

The critical volume where you can listen to music and talk on the phone — 80 decibels. We should not underestimate the factor of duration. Loud but short sound, will not cause damage, and if you listen to your favourite songs on volume above 80 decibels, every day, just a few months to damage your hearing.