What helps the health of coconut oil

Coconut oil has many beneficial health properties. And all thanks to the amazing concentration of unique ingredients.

Чем помогает здоровью кокосовое масло

Can destroy harmful microorganisms. Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids. And they contribute to the destruction of harmful microorganisms that cause illness and infection. Coconut oil has lauric acid that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. That is why the oil is recommended for skin problems like acne, as well as in cases of severe dandruff and itching on the scalp.

Increases the level of “good” cholesterol. Coconut oil contains natural saturated fats that increase the performance of “good” cholesterol. In fact, coconut oil even makes “bad” cholesterol to “good”. That’s why experts believe that this oil is good for heart health.

Improves health of teeth. It is proved that coconut oil is good for dental health. Dissolve it in water and use as a means for mouthwash to destroy harmful microorganisms. It also helps to relieve the tooth surface bacterial film, combat unpleasant smell from the mouth and the overall improvement of all indicators of the health of the oral cavity.

Reduces hunger. Cooking in coconut oil, which has a lot of “good” fats, very useful for our body. The fact that such food quickly saturates, and this feeling persists for a long time. Overall, therefore, it is possible to reduce the total amount consumed per day of calories.

Reduces seizures. Due to fatty acids in coconut oil in the liver appear ketones. And when the concentration of ketones in the blood reduced the number of seizures, especially in children.