What if we didn't care about the sex of the fetus?

What if we didn't care about the sex of the fetus?


It's fashionable. Public figures are posting images and videos of these events on social media, as content creator Lysandre Nadeau did this week. Your cousin, your sister, your friend may have already invited you to this kind of party…

This practice is called a Gender reveal > or sometimes Sex reveal, which means in French a revelation of gender or sex.

Often in these events, the sex or gender of the upcoming baby is revealed using confetti coming out of a balloon, smoke or cake for example. Usually, if the revealed color is blue, the unborn child will be a boy, and if it's pink, a girl.

In 2022, gather to find out the sex or gender of a unborn child, wouldn't this be an outdated practice?

The binarity, no thank you

Having a penis or a vulva between the two legs is not necessarily an accurate indicator of our gender. Transgender people, whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth, could tell us a lot about this.

Emphasizing a baby's gender or sex to come somehow erases the possibility that the child is transgender.

Also, these types of parties can unfortunately reinforce gender stereotypes. We discover that the unborn child will have a penis: “great! I'll be able to buy him truck toys! “We discover that it is a girl:” great! I will be able to do hairstyles for her! »

In 2022, children should be able to grow and evolve without having to meet criteria associated with the organ they have between their legs.

When you participate in this kind of event, we participate in reinforcing outdated stereotypes.

Let's celebrate the unborn children, but let them have the opportunity to be who they are.

What if we didn't care about the sex of the fetus?