What innovations are waiting for Ukrainians in February

In February 2020 Ukrainians will find a few important innovations.

Какие нововведения ждут украинцев в феврале

As reported RBC-Ukraine, February 1, will introduce a new bill will raise prices and tariffs, dismantling public telephones and others.


Average bills for gas will increase by 10%. In February the tariffs for the distribution of gas. Now consumers will have to pay for the distribution is 46% more. Accordingly, the price of gas will rise by two parameters.

From 1 February will increase prices on monthly services providers Internet and cable television. This is due to the rise in prices of consumables and elektronositeli.


Raging in China coronavirus caused panic on the world market, and this in turn will lead to lower prices for gasoline on the Ukrainian filling stations by 5%.

However, according to experts, fuel prices in Ukraine may not be changed, since the reduction in price due to coronavirus compensated for by the growth of the dollar.

Food in February to rise by an average of 10-20%. This increase in prices is called traditional, because at the end of winter is always more expensive vegetables last season.

Fruits can also grow, but because of the panic associated with the spread of the coronavirus, some outlets have begun to reduce the price of bananas.

The new bill

From 1 February in turnover will go the banknote of 200 hryvnia in the updated design. The reason for replacing the old 200-hryvnia banknotes was the large number of fakes of this particular bill. In the new banknote protection against counterfeiting is much better.

Other innovations

In February Ukrtelecom will begin to dismantle the payphones, which Ukrainians have practically ceased to use it. More new equipment to replace them will not be, as in Ukraine, the payphones no longer produced.

Also from 1 February, comes into force a law that opens the country’s citizens access to the common areas. For restrictions of this right, the offender will face a fine from 3,400 to UAH 17,000.

To control this will be the State environmental Inspectorate.