What is dangerous lashes

Why not just make the modern girl to look spectacular. Nails, hair, eyelashes – and this is not a complete list. However, experts have warned about the dangers of some of these procedures.

Чем опасны нарощенные ресницы

Cosmetologist Oksana Chaschina, she described the harm of eyelash extensions. In this procedure, one “native” lash attached another 2-3 additional thread. The root of the eyelash, or follicle, is not always able to cope with the extra weight, in this regard, it can injure or even to atrophy.

The expert warns that the girl, who decided on a beauty procedure, in this case faces a minimum of loss and termination of the growth of eyelashes.

However, it can be much more serious. Not all substances used for gluing eyelashes, certified in Russia. If the product is defective, it can cause burns to the ciliary edge or the cornea. In this case the woman will take the help of doctor. And if we do not seek timely help, it could face a deterioration of vision, added Chashchina.