What is in the supermarkets of the USA, but not Russia

The author of the channel “Yandex Zen” Sergei Kurylenko said than American supermarkets are different from Russian. Hereinafter in the first person.

Что есть в супермаркетах США, но нет в России

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Whether you’re coming for shopping in the American supermarket. Long walk, choose, remember that over the house and need to purchase. Pay at the cash register and taking the trolley to the car. Leave the store and realize that something’s not right.

It seems to be all the same, as at us in Russia: the same shelves with goods, the cashier punched purchase at the checkout. Except that they speak English rather than Russian, but that’s not the point.

The devil, as they say, is in the details, so I decided better to perform American supermarket and realize that it was overlooked.

Free toilets

A very important point which, unfortunately, in Russia is not always there. More accurate to say that the free toilets we have is rather the exception than the rule.

I hope that now the situation has changed for the better, but sooner free toilets in supermarkets was not and you had to run to the restroom shopping center, which could be on another floor.

This is a serious issue, because shopping often come to parents with young children and the elderly.

Wet wipes

A small, almost invisible detail, but at the same time very useful and necessary. These wipes are designed for trucks, but actually they can save you if you got dirty, when tried or gathered food. And just to wipe your hands after your store will not be superfluous.

Bags for umbrellas

Good Americans even care about your umbrella. There are special packages that you put his wet umbrella and not diluted puddles throughout the store.

A very unusual thing for me, which hardly anyone uses, especially in America, where everyone comes for shopping on the machines.

However, the presence of such things in the store only shows that clients are respected and care about them. It can be regarded as a gesture of goodwill.


Pharmacies owned by the same company as the store. There are also a variety of promotions and discounts, and also posted all kinds of banners and posters in an attempt to attract attention.

This is very useful when gained a lot of unhealthy food in the supermarket and then you can purchase activated charcoal just in case, because tomorrow is a working day, which in America can’t be missed.

Pharmacy in America –is generally a separate topic. They are usually larger than us, but half the shelves are products that have nothing to do with drugs. Americans are there to “sell” everything from clothing to the usual food. You can easily find toys, cosmetics and even harmful for the stomach snacks.

Here are the differences in American supermarkets from ours. About the electric carts for the disabled and people with excess weight did not write, because it’s already a lot of information.

Original published in the blog of Sergey Kurilenko “Yandex Zen”.

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